A day filled with fun!


Have a fun day out with your choir buddy! Just enter your name and the name of your Brother/Sister by filling out the form and putting it into the raffle box to win to complementary tickets two Six Flags Fiesta Texas for you and your Choir Brother/Sister.

Deadline To Enter?

Thursday, April 10th, 4:15pm

Enter in the choir room

Make sure you fill out the raffle form to enter and put it into the raffle box.

What If You Win?

The winners will be announced on Friday, February 11, 2014 during class. They will each receive a ticket to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. They will also each receive a superhero cape to show off when their having fun at Six Flags!

  • The winners MUST wear their capes on April 11, 2014 DURING school!
  • The winners MUST provide photographic proof together of their trip to Six Flags!


  • You may only enter ONCE: if your name is in the box more than once, all you names will be removed

Who Is Running The Raffle?

Hello! My name is Noel Jackson and I'm running for Choir Council. I am a junior this year and I am currently in Treble Choir (shout out to DLC!). I love to sing in the Reagan Choir program and it has helped me become a better musician. I encourage you to enter this raffle to have a day with your Little for FREE! Thank you! If you have any questions please refer to the contacts below.