Project Blackout

... because wishes on streetlights don't come true.

What is Sky Glow?

Sky glow, or light pollution, is when the glow or light given off from unnecessary artificial lighting gets trapped in our atmosphere.

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The Effects of Sky Glow

Have you ever been afraid of the dark? Did you think the light was the only thing keeping you safe? Did you know that in many instances artificial lighting can harm you? Click on the links bellow to find out more!

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Help Luna fight Sky Glow!
Sky Glow ... in Andrews, Texas?

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What You Can Do

Doing all of these things can help protect you and your community from the harmful effects of sky glow and help save energy!
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Did We Mention ... Financial Benefits of Addressing Sky Glow

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We're Project Blackout and we need YOUR help to address light pollution in your community ... because wishes on streetlights don't come true.

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Project Blackout Event Calendar

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Member Testimonies

When asked why members are working on this project, their answers were ...

Sarah- "On the fourth day, God created the moon and the stars. Here we are, years later obscuring the breathtaking view of the celestial population."

Anisa- "When my brother and I were younger, we would lay on our trampoline and look up at the sky, looking at the constellations. Now that the water tower's lights shine next to our house, we can't see as many stars as we used to."

About Project Blackout

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