By Skyler Zheng, Sarah Ueno

Geographic Location

Maya was located on current Yucatan Peninsula. Now, Mayan people are seen in Guatemala and Southern part of Mexico.


They mostly produce beans. They get fish and mollusks from canal. Other foods which they cannot produce by themselves are exported by other countries.

Home life/ Traditions

They live in one-room house with their whole family. There are still some traditional cultures, but they accept modern cultures such as wearing modern shirts or shoes, and watching TV.

Couples would generally marry in their teen or early twenties.


They speak Maya language , but today, many of them speak Spanish. Maya language is still spoken by some people especially in Yucatan Peninsula.

Living condition

Each group of region has different style.

Southern - live in houses with Adobe which has small windows roofs of tile and floor of hard-packed dirt.

•main transportation- bus

-trains are old, slow, and unreliable

-boats are used for public transportation in some areas


Ancient Maya government was formed based on gods. Now, the Central America is governed by governors, but people still believe gods.


They believe that everything in the world is controlled by gods. They strongly believe power of gods, so they pray many times in a day.

Judical Process

At first, judical process system is based on a secondary agricultural society . Then, Spanish people came and rule people under Spanish system. Then, step by step, they included modern system.



"Pre classic/Formative period"

  • Agriculture(maize, beans,squash etc)
  • Pottery
  • Hieroglyph writing
  • 365 calendar
were developed .


"Middle Preclassic Period"

They began to expand their presence both in the highland and lowland regions

Agriculture was more developed than Pre Classic Period.

"The Late Preclassic Period"

The greatest cities ever built were built.


Maya civilization had collapsed.