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Superhero STAFF believe, Superhero STUDENTS acheive!

February .....Already?

To be quite honest I am in great disbelief that February is already here! A few weeks ago many people were focused on setting new goals/resolutions, how are you doing with yours? A few of mine are in positive progress, but others I've had to monitor and adjust a few times! (We finish our core value activity we started).

Regardless of where you are on your journey-----as a school we are on an rapid ride of improvement/growth. We are almost done with SRI and SMI is beginning this week and MAP is just about here. The Middle of the year assessments provide a clear view of our student growth from the beginning of the year and will help you set a clear path for meeting instructional goals. At present you have an idea/hunch as to who you believe would be a possible candidate for retention. Although interventions are continuous, please ensure that you are keeping documentation of parent contacts (i.e. request for tutoring participation, small group instruction, data (portfolio), etc.

With only 45-50 days left to state testing, we are starting to devise a plan to ensure students are prepared and ready to blast off. From our observation of instruction, WE WILL MAKE GAINS!!

So often, I have my foot on the pedal going full speed because of the sense of urgency that is ever present for our students. EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY counts. Please make sure you are taking care of yourself as we work so intensively to positively impact students/families. To this end, please take a few minutes to send a quick note to Superhero Martin and encourage those around you that you know are experiencing life changing events. Although everyone has their own support system outside of school, it is important that while we work---we hold one another up. Special thoughts and/or prayers for Ms. Kimmel and Ms. Lamb as well, as they have either experienced the loss of a loved one or are at the beside side of an ailing family member.

This is the month of activities; from valentine parties, to valentine bingo, assemblies and so forth. Take a few moments to share with a colleague your appreciation for their collegiality. If Bell is going to be a happy, healthy and fun place to teach and learn----it'll be because WE, ME, YOU, US make it that way!

The culture walk yielded the fact that we are making great progress around the 5 core district expectations (adult tone, student discipline, student joy and engagement, physical Space (common space and classroom). Thank you for your collaboration, a few more are completing culture walks...more information on next steps for the remainder of the year. Thank you to each team that contributed.

As for taping me to the wall...our competition is on. Beginning Monday, 2/1 through Friday, 3/11 grade levels that reach 98% attendance will be taping me to the wall! Let's get it!

Compliance for the week of February 1-5, 2016

Focus walk for the week will be Indicator 1 ( Preparation), Specifically how differentiation is planned and executed ( i.e. Small group instruction, guided reading, literacy station)

Formal TLE Observations/conference will continue.

Monday 2/1

Lesson Plans due

Staff Meeting Upper ( 3:15-4:15, please be on-time).

Tuesday 2/2

Lesson Plans due ( SPED)

PLC K, 1,2 ( Data Meeting)...Bring your data

Site Visit

Wednesday 2/3

PLC 6 (Data Meeting)...Bring your data

CST K,3,4,5 ( Ensure to bring evidences of interventions worked)

Thursday 2/4

PLC 3,4 ( Data Meeting)....Bring your data

CST 1,2,6 ( Ensure to bring evidences of interventions worked)

Progress Reports Go Home ( comments required for failing grades)

Friday 2/5

PLC 5 ( Data Meeting)....Bring your data

EARLY RELEASE FRIDAY: Rotations will occur in Bell Upper, please ensure you are seated and ready to begin at 1:20. Staff that have the responsibility of after school duty will supervise students. You will receive an agenda identifying where K-2, 3-6 will meet.

  • Weekly Grades DUE in Powerschool

2 reading grades due in PowerSchool

2 math grades due in PowerSchool

1 social studies grade due in PowerSchool

1 science grade due in PowerSchool

Student Discipline/Behavior

Student Discipline is a process that every school deals with. For many schools it's not a highlight because appropriate student behavior is the "norm." For many other schools, we as school professionals deal with behavior that Interupt our nstructional goals. Our district has developed the BRP for our common expectations, policies and procedure. However it is through our school wide discipline plan and our PBIS that we reinforce positive behavior choices. In order for students to understand and know our expectations for behavior we must educate both students/parent, and model. To this end, I commend you as a staff in addressing student behavior with our set expectations. Please do not be fearful of informing parents--, as parents expect their students to behave ( even when they don't know what to do!).We have worked to improve behavior and decrease suspensions, I know it seems stressful at times but student behavior is improving. Continue to hold fidelity to our school wide plan. Documentation is KEY. If you have time, read the article attach below titled Punitive or a Restorative: The Choice is Yours. Although we will not have school wide PD on restorative justice I am interested in piloting several practices with a class or two. If you are interested, please let me know.

Save the Date

  • 2/2: College Awareness
  • 2/4 Progress Reports Go Home
  • 2/5: Early Release
  • 2/7 and 2/8: American Fidelity visits ( sign up for time slot on google doc from Ms. Mollie).
  • 2/9: Life Touch Spring Photos
  • SPED Compliance (See EdPlan)
  • 2/11 I Love You Program /African American Heritage Celebration(Assembly-Primary)
  • 2/12 Valentine Bingo (6-8pm)
  • 2/15 President''s Day (No School)
  • 2/18 Literacy Night (Req'd Attendance)
  • 2/19 Robotics Competition
  • 2/29 African American Heritage Celebration (Assembly-Upper) 1pm

Guided Reading Level A ( initial consonant sort)

Are you stuck with guided reading? Here is a refresher for what happens for level A and several other groups. The text by Richardson, "The Next Steps to Guided Reading" gives explicit "how to" for each level and what manipulatives are needed. Kids are moving levels, keep up the momentum with fresh activities. We will spend some time during Early Release

On managing guided reading and moving it to the next level.

Initial Consonants-Level A

Transitional: 1st grade

Transitional - 1st Grade, Poem

Growth Mindset

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National School Guidance Counselor Week

Special thanks to our school guidance counselor's Ms. Butler and Mr. Jones for their hard work! Thank you both!

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