Beautiful home ideas

Beautiful ideas to make your perfect home

The heart of the home

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family meets at the end of the day, eat dinner together, and focuses on the current events of the day. We agree that a bright and open kitchen is a good way to make this moment even better!

Remember: colors can do wonders, buy a nice rug, it can do alot!

Our favorite rug is: Forrest Roll from Aguiniga Design.

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Lamps in living room

There is amazing selection of beautiful lamps, all of them give a different light and are in our opinion, a large part in making a cozy and nice living room.

"Bourgie Taple Lamp by Kartell" is our must favorite right now, and he is available in many different colors..

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Omaggio, our friend

Omaggio vase is were populare at the moment. You can have them in many colors and sizes. Only one vase can give lonely place a life.
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Things do not necessarily have to cost a lot

We love the fashion of giving a old, unusable things a new live. One idea is making your perfect table out of pallet ... cheap and very nice way!
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Laundry baskets or light?

If your getting tired of your old laundry basked, give it a new life ... why not be a little crazy and make a wonderful light of it?
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Beautiful cushions for home

The chushions form ARIANNA BELLE come in all kinds of patterns and colours. Those chushions can give our sofa and your bed new look!!

The perfect solution for those with little space in their cabinets!

Great ideal to put up shelves and use it for extra storage in your kitchen. You can buy cheap jars, such as Ikea or Søstrene Grene and mark them nicely. It is so easy to set up in Word or Photoshop sentences, words or other indications that you want to have a print out and put on your jars. You can buy a special paper and glue that is used to transfer images from the paper to the glass!! And this can be the result.

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Black is a classic color, whether it is in design, fashion or another. If you want to change things up a little in your house can black be the answer. You can paint one or to of your wall in your house black, have lights, chairs, table something in black… that is very modern and cool.

Beautiful look of homes in 2014