My Trip to the Sky

By: Ellie Wimmer - Hour: 4

The Empire State Building

This summer I went to the Empire State Building in NYC. We went to the top floor of the building and the building had 102 floors. We had taken an elevator on the way up and went to the gift shop located in the building. The Empire State Building stands at 1250', 1454' to the tip. So we ended up going 1250 feet up in the air.

I took an elevator all the way to the top floor where you look out and see the amazing New York City. The building was made in 1929 and opened in 1931. The floor we went to was floor 102 and it took approximately 5 minutes to get up there in the elevator. We had to wait in line for quite a while since a lot of people of course want to see it. We had to order our tickets online since there were going to be so many people there. Going to the Empire State Building was the highlight of my trip to New York City.

We went to the Empire State Building the summer of June 2015. It was a really hot day with temperatures in the high 90's. We went on Sunday the seventh. My dad and I ended up staying for a week in NYC after we went to the Empire State Building.

I went to the Empire State Building with my dad, sister, and brother in law. My dads name is Dave and he's the one that brought us and payed for the tickets. My sisters name is Leah and she had just had her baby so she had to leave early with her husband. My brother in law is Mike and he also had to leave early after we went to the Empire State Building. I'm happy I got to go with these people because they made the experience ten times better.

We were originally staying in Buffalo New York not NYC. When we decided to go we said we were going to stay there for a week. The drive was six hours and the wasn't very long considering that before we went to New York from Missouri and it's about a two day drive from there. On the way to NYC there was a lot of starting and stoping because we had two dogs in the car with us. We stopped about the third time to let the dogs out and I found a baby blue lizard and my dad said I could keep it so we took it with. The rest of the ride was just a lot driving in a lot of traffic, but I ended up letting the lizard go on our way back.

We ended up going to the Empire State Building because it was my first time ever going to New York and my sister lived there. At the time my sister was pregnant and she wanted to see me and my dad before and after she had her baby. We weren't going to go at first because it was really far from where my dad was working but my dad travels for business so he got a call from his boss and ended up having to go and work in New York only 40 minutes away from my sister. So we went to New York and when we were ready to leave my dad said since I had never been there before that he would bring me to NYC.

While we were there I also got to go to Niagara Falls and to Canada. Also while we were there my sister had her baby and that was really fun but my sister was upset about leaving her baby for a day and going to the Empire State Building but she got over it once we got to the top because that was something that she had never done before. Going to the Empire State Building was a really fun thing for me to do and I hope that Ivan go again some time or even go to the Statue Of Liberty.

The Science of it

The Science of it - Elevators

An elevator in a machine that is lift up and down by a series of pulleys and cables. At the bottom of the cables there would be a machine that would twist a gear and the gears would activate the pulleys which brought the elevator up and down to its destination. When it was first invented in was operated manually. There would be a lever that who ever had the job of working the elevator had to crank to bring the people to their destination. Well now the science of the elevator has evolved and its operated by a machine. This connects back to science as an industrial invention. As other experiments the elevator was one that was successful and it has gone through the other stages of PHEOC.

The Science of it - Empire State Building lights

A lot of people tend to notice the very satisfying lights on the out side of the Empire State Building, but most people don't know how they work or the science attached. There was a computer system that was installed and attaching to a series of LED light on the side on the building. This computer system ip an change to over one million different colors. Unless the computer is set to a certain color the colors change on there own. This is computer system is another one of many important inventions and a great scientific discovery. You can see the computer used in many different things today. The science of industrial production is something incredibly known today.

My thoughts/questions

1. I wonder what would happen if the elevator was never invented?

2. I wonder what it would be like today if material was never found strong enough to support sky skyscrapers?

3. I wonder what would happen if the computer to generate things we use on a daily bases was not invented?

4. I wonder what life would be like if we didn't have the things we have today to be able to make large buildings like the Empire State Building.


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