Astronauts Explore Space

astronauts explore space near Earth

  • They take air, water, and food with them.
  • space travel requires careful planning.
  • space craft needs powerful rockets and giant fuel tanks to lift the weight up against gravity
  • equipment needs to be well designed and maintained
-breakdown can be deadly

  • astronauts must get use to special enviroment in space
  • weightless condition because they are falling in space at same rate as space craft

Moon Missions

  • The race to the moon was driven by the rivalry between the U.S. and the Soviets.
  • In 1957 the Soviets were the first to launch an artificial satellite into orbit.
  • In 1961 the Soviets sent the first human into space.
  • The NASA program named Apollo was the first to reach the moon in 1969.

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Space Stations

  • space station- a satellite that people can live and work in
  • U.S. and Soviet Union launched the first space station in 1991
  • Russia space agency began to work with the U.S. instead of against
  • Mir missions help prepare for international space station(ISS)
- U.S., Russia, and 15 other nations are working together to build the ISS

  • ISS is the size of two football fields
- to large to launch as one piece

-sections are being launched separately and put together in orbit

  • ISS construction began in 1998

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