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Remove Kaon.info : Manual Approach To Delete Kaon.info

Kaon.info is a very harmful and notorious browser hijacker which sneaks into targeted computer without approval and gets loaded within the Chrome, Firefox and IE like web browsers. It has been launched by the web criminals for illegal purpose and is promoted as a genuine search engine. Once entered, Kaon.info alters whole web browser as well as homepage settings and replaces Google or Bing like search engines. It records keystrokes and searched query and then after floods the screen with numerous unwanted results and bogus advertisements. Moreover, this creepy browser infection frequently redirects victim user to malicious sites and badly hampers browsing experience. So, don't waste time anymore and make effort to remove Kaon.info as soon as possible without delay.

Manual Steps To Remove Kaon.info From Computer

  • Press F8 repeatedly and open PC in “Safe Mode with Networking”.
  • Open Task Manager and stop all the running processes which have connection with Kaon.info.
  • Open Control Panel and uninstall unwanted programs which seems to useless.
  • Type “regedit” in the Run Command Box and open Windows Registry Editor. Search for the corrupted registries created by Kaon.info and remove them all from compromised machine.

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