The Snow Leopard, It's Snow Joke.

The Endangered Snow Leopard

Reasons for Endangerment

  • humans. (SLFT)
  • bone, skin, and organs, valuable in Asian medicine. (SLFT)
  • tigers are preferred, snow leopards are subsituted. (SLFT)
  • farmers and livestock. (SLFT)
  • humans kill the snow leopards habitat → the snow leopard has less food → forced to prey on domestic animals → unhappy farmer, kill the snow leopard. (SLFT)
  • money. (SLFT)
  • poacher: 200 dollars for a dead snow leopard
  • middleman resells: 10,000 dollars. (SLFT)



  • classification: mammal (KEWA)
  • body covering: fur (KEWA)
  • pattern: soft grey coat, solid black or brown spots. (KEWA)
  • height: 3-4 ft. (BBC)
  • weight: about 60-120 lbs. (BBC)
  • length: 30-50 inches. +31-39 inches including tail. (BBC)


  • mates in late winter. (WIKI)
  • cubs born between April and June. (WIKI)
  • vary from 1-5 cubs. (WIKI)


  • normally lives 15-18 years. (WIKIANS)
  • in captivity, can live up to 21 years. (WIKIANS)



  • thick fur, small rounded ears: help minimize heat loss. (WIKI)

  • wide paws: better walking on snow.(WIKI)

  • fur on undersides to increase grip on steep, unstable surfaces. (WIKI)

  • long flexible tails: maintain balance. (WIKI)

  • crepuscular. (SLT)

  • Behaviors-

  • are not aggressive towards humans. (SLT)

  • only get aggressive when they feel they, or their cubs, are being threatened. (SLT)

  • mew, hiss, groan, moan, yowl, and make a non-aggressive puffing sound called prusten. (SLT)

  • cannot roar.


  • lives in general rocky terrains. (PPX)
  • valley ridges, rocky outcrops, and mountain passes. (PPX)
  • mountainous regions of Central Asia. (PPX)
  • countries: North Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. (PPX)


  • cold, snowy. (WIKIANS)
  • temperatures range: 80 degrees F to -31 degrees F. (SES)


  • mainly eats ibex and Bharal. (WIKI, NATGEO)
  • also eats musk, deer, marmots, and various species of hare and birds. (PPX)
  • carnivore (WIKIANS)
  • no predators except for humans. (NATGEO)

Critical Information

What has been done to help:

  • Snow Leopard Conservancy protects snow leopards. (AH)
  • U.S. government +protection via Great Cats and Rare Canids act. (YC)
  • eliminating threat of poachings and killings. (WIKIANS)
  • charities help to raise money. (WIKIANS)
  • parks and reserves, hunting and poaching is banned. (WIKANS)

How you can help:

  • donate: the Snow Leopard Trust Organization, the Snow Leopard Conservancy, the WWF. (YC, SLT, WWF)
  • fundraisers. (SLT)
  • become a member of the Snow Leopard Trust Organization. (SLT)