new code of conduct

Rule #1 One must have open home to the unexpected guest

Do: Offer goods to your guest. On p.924 "Remain with me, and share my meat and wine..."

DO NOT: Try to poison your guests. On p. 920 "I drank and the drink failed.." Circe tried to poison her guests, and turn them to pigs.

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Rule #2 Stay true to your husband or wife

Do: Stay pure for husband/wife. p.964 " His dear wife, clear and faithful, in his arms.."

DO NOT: Cheat on you significant other. p.921 " Entered Circe's flawless bed of love." Circe was not Odysseus's wife, therefore Odysseus had cheated on his wife.

RULE #3 One must worship the gods for they will be favorable in return

Do: show respect for the gods and they will help you. p. 953 " In the hushed hall it smote the suitors and all their faces changed. Then Zeus thundered overhead, one loud crack for a sign.." That was Zeus's way of helping Odysseus kill all the suitors.

DO NOT: Disrespect or blame the gods for your actions. Elpenor blames his death on "some fatal deity" (god, goddess..etc)

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RULE #4 Honor your friends, for they will help you in the future

Do: Always give respect to your friends. Odysseus was never rude or disrespectful to his servants, so when it came time for them to give a favor in return, they were loyal. When Odysseus's servant washed his feet, while he was in disguise, the servant saw the scar on his foot. She knew it was him but decided to keep quiet.

DO NOT: Not trust your friends. p.924 "Kingsmen or no kingsmen" Odysseus was trying to hurt his close comrade, and which he forgot the close friendship which therefore breaks the trust.

Rule #5 One Must Never Leave His/Her comrades in a battle

DO: Stay with your comrades. p. 898 "I drove them, all three wailing to the ships.". Odysseus never left his comrades, through the good an bad.

DO NOT: Leave a comrade behind. When Odysseus and his comrades arrived on Circe's Island, Eurylochus refused to go to the island, suspecting danger. Odysseus decided to go alone, leaving his comrades behind.


DO: Keep the house under control. While Odysseus was away, Penelope had to run her household alone and learn to control all the suitors.

DO NOT: Keep the household unruly. Penelope also had a hard time controlling the suitors and she let them at times push her around, even though she was head of the house.