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November 11, 2015

Happy 12th Week of School!

Please read the district & campus news below. As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like to meet.


How to Learn Math (8 min) - This is a GREAT video from Stanford about learning math!

  • Everyone can learn math to high levels
  • Believe in yourself (growth mindset vs fixed mindset)
  • Struggle and mistakes are really important
  • Speed is not important
How could you use this video with your students or even with parents? (Disclaimer: the video says the word "stupid" at 5:04 and 5:28)

An Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary - This resource can be shared with parents and students.


4th & 5th Grade CBAs:

This December, fourth and fifth-grade students will take the first ever Social Studies CBAs. The purpose is to gather data to determine where we are as a district in Social Studies instruction. Please click on this link to access a handout with additional information.


3rd Grade Professional Learning - Friday, November 13th (12:30-3:30)
Please register in Eduphoria if you plan to attend for your team. You will need to bring:
  • Cluster 4 planner
  • Completed cluster 4 pre-assessments (bring 5)
  • Technology device


Please remember to register in Eduphoria for the district PDs you will attend! Each grade level should plan to send one representative to each PD.
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