Hammurabi's code

Was it just? Or not just?

Law 21, 23, and 48 ,just or not just?

Law 21 and 23 are both about how if robbers break in they will be punished. Law 21: if a man broke through a wall (to rob) then he shall be hung from wall or pierced to death.

In my opinion I think his code was just in all, but some of his rule were over extreme! For example, law 21. In law 48 says, " if a man borrows money to Plant his fields and a storm floods the field or crops, in that year he doesn't have to pay his creditor. I think that law is just because it's like waisting money, you have to pay for crops and then they all get flooded and can't use them?! That would not be fair if he still had to pay. That's why Hammurabi made laws and a code so everyone is treated fair.

So the question we still didn't answer was, is Hammurabis code just or not just? That's up to you what ever you think but I think it's just, and I can tell you why!

1. Think, Hammurabi was just trying to protect everyone and that's a great personal quality! Some of the laws help kids or wives that are going to be abandoned! One law says that the husband can't leave and abandoned his wife for another especially if she is sick.

2. Hammurabis laws were fair but I have to admit some of them go over extreme, like the robber getting hung in the wall, that one is an example of CRAZY!!!

Now some pictures of the laws

Some more proff that Hammurabis code was just

Laws that are fair be extreme!

Law 195 says, if a son has struck his father his hands shall be crit off.

This is another one of those laws that goes over extreme be we can relate to that today.

Today: A son might yell at his dad for not being fair or something and the father would probably yell back at his son.

One of Hammurabis laws were, if a surgeon is operating on a man and he dies, his hand shall be cut off. But if the man is operating and saves him, he shall be rewarded. This is a law that is also extreme, the man should not have is hands cut off for trying! One misaqe and that surgeons hands are gone!


I hope now that everyone is on my side about how Hammurabis code is just, but still agrees with me about some of the crazy laws. I hope you enjoyed reading this and agree with me.