Lylli's Super Snazzy Poetry Project

A Total of 13 Snazzy Stanzas

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If I were in charge of the world

If I were in charge of the world

I'd have an army of unicorns

Who had robotic horns

That stabbed people in the head,

And made them dead.

If I were in charge of the world

There'd be cotton candy on every street corner

It would stand there, and

Sell itself to the people walking by.

If I were in charge of the world

You wouldn't frown.

You wouldn't act down.

You would smile all day,

As you slowly bargain your life away.

If I were in charge of the world

Everyone would live a metaphor,

Hiding behind a candy door,

And only ever me

Would be allowed to be

In charge of the world.

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Round and Round (for a friend)

I look in the reflection, at the other me,

And don't like one bit of what I can see.

Use my fingers to pinch my thigh.

Is my BMI too high?

From my chubby chubby face,

To my pudgy pudgy waste,

Everything is so so big.

I feel like a sloppy sloppy pig.

I gotta cut down the calories.

Everyone's gonna be so proud of me,

When I show up nice and thin,

Looking like such a win.

It started with my morning meal,

When nobody has any time to kill.

Then it ended with my dinner,

I'm finally starting to get thinner!

When I showed them the progress I made,

The disgust they showed was so cliche.

'Why are you so full of shame?

Is it my weight that is to blame?'

'No no stupid girl' they all cry,

'That is not the reason why.

Your head must be so full of bricks,

If you can't see you're very sick!'

And so I was then whisked away,

Much to my confused dismay,

To the hospital in Colorado,

Where all the anorexics go.

And this is where I will play pretend,

With all my other plumpish friends.

Doing as the doctors say,

Till we can all get away.

Round and round the cycle goes.

When will it end, does anyone know?

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Do better they say

This isn't good enough

What do they know?

They know nothing

Nothing about me

Or who I am.

I take a self-esteem test

Well, more like a quiz

It says I need help

(Maybe I do?)

What does it know?

It knows nothing

It is just some information displayed on a screen

What can it know?

Nothing, only people can know.

(But a person created it, right)

So that quiz knows nothing

There is nothing wrong with my self-esteem

People never say anything

about it

(They probably just don't care)

Which means I'm fine

I'm happy as can be

I will never let their words get me down

(I won't I won't I won't)

I will never let them see me cry

(I will lock myself in my room instead)

Because of their words

Because of their criticism

Because of the way they all look down on me

Like I'm some sort of bug

(No, filthy filthy cockroach)

On the bottom of their designer shoe

It was just a stupid quiz

There is nothing wrong with my self-esteem

There is nothing wrong with me