Mrs. Green's Class Newsletter

Room 203

What's New?

After all the musical performances and field trips last week, we returned to our normal schedule this week. The students have been working hard to earn points in our Civil War simulation and have even earned a couple extra recesses this week!

Today the students completed the first session of the Math End of Year PARCC test. I am proud of their hard work and positive attitudes. Please take a look at the upcoming dates below for the rest of the PARCC dates. Please schedule appointments around these times.

Have a great weekend!

Our Learning:


We finished up our unit on quadrilaterals this week. The students learned about the properties or parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombi, rectangles and squares. They then created a "Wanted" poster about a parallelogram person they created! We will take Monday to review and take the test on Wednesday, May 6 (Tuesday we have Art Adventure during math).


In Reader's Workshop this week, we read the book "Pink and Say" by Patricia Polacco. We discussed different themes from the book and the students wrote a reading response to reflect their thinking. We also read a non-fiction passage about the Emancipation Proclamation. Ask your child why the Emancipation Proclamation was not very successful immediately.


In Writer's Workshop, the students continued to research information for their non-fiction picture books. They examined mentor texts to find different ways that authors support their topic, such as specific examples, comparisons, or painting a picture. They then looked for ways to incorporate these ideas into their own writing.

Social Studies

It is now 1863. So far it seems as if the Confederacy has the upper hand, they are winning battle after battle while Lincoln struggles to find a good general for the Union. Then, Lee decides to invade the North and attack at Gettysburg. The battle rages on for three days, but after Pickett's Charge fails, the Union wins a major victory. Though this battle results in devastating loss on both sides, it becomes a turning point in the war.

Reminder: Archive's Projects are due this Thursday, May 7!

Ask Your Child About:

* Spanish videos

* Non-fiction picture books

* Wanted Poster

* Our new read aloud, "The Miraculous Adventures of Edward Tulane"

Dates to Remember:

  • Tuesday, May 5
  • Cinco de Mayo Art Celebration (morning)

  • Monday, May 11
  • PTO Meeting
  • PARCC test (10:20-11:45)

  • Tuesday, May 12
  • PARCC test (10:20-11:45)

  • Wednesday, May 13
  • Book Fair

  • Thursday, May 14
  • Guided Tour Night
  • Book Fair

  • Saturday, May 16
  • HOH 5K Walk/Run