Buy a 2016 Reindeer Hauler!

ONLY $72,325 USD! BY THE COMPANY Reindeer!

Luxury just got a new definition.

This luxury SUV is 12,000 Miles per gallon and has a top speed of 300 MPH for doing stuff like delivering presents. It has an automatic 8-speed transmission and has 2000 Reindeer power. It has a lot of cabin space, whether you need space for wrapped boxes or for some little elves this holiday season. It rides smooth so if you're young or old your butt won't hurt in the cold. It also has heat seats for the cold Christmas ahead.

Other things.

This SUV was voted the safest new SUV for 2016. This car can hold up to 30,000 pounds (good for delivering presents and for a guy who eats a lot of cookies and milk). This SUV can adapt to any climate in the world (except water). It is also 4x4.