Google Groups Fab Five!


Just in case you forgot...

To login to your new Brenham K-12 Google Account, just go to and sign in with your info to the right.

Your first part of your email address will be the same as your First Class account, but you will use

Your password will be the same as your First Class account, but will have the letters “gs” at the beginning.

Click here for a brief training document.

The Fab Five for Google Groups

1. Locating BISD Groups

  • Use black navigation bar at top of screen in Gmail > Groups
  • Click on Browse All or use the search bar
Locating BISD Groups

2. Requesting Membership

  • You have been automatically added to our "non-negotiable" district groups: your campus conference and FYI
  • You can request membership to our "negotiable" district groups: Teacher's Lounge and other future groups that may be created
  • Email settings for non-negotiable group: email for every new message
  • Email settings for negotiable groups: one per, combined updates, daily summaries or NO EMAILS
Requesting Membership to Groups

3. Posting Permissions

  • Campus administrators have designated who will have posting rights to the campus conferences. If you do not have posting rights, even if the group email shows up in your email "To:" field, the post will not be delivered.
  • How to post to Teacher's Lounge
Posting Permissions

4. Viewing Posts to the Group

  • Getting the email in your inbox
  • Going to the Group app to view posts
Viewing Posts

5. Creating Groups

  • You can create groups for your classes, if you'd like.
  • You MUST follow our district-approved naming protocol:

lastname + first initial + whatever you want to name it

EX: JohnstonJ GT 5th Graders

Jessica Johnston

Instructional Technology Specialist

Brenham Independent School District

Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer