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January 16, 2019

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Brenda Zoller's Class Builds Colonial America

Colonial buildings are being erected in the WSI Maker Space using the Make Do construction kit along with brackets and hinges 3D printed at the junior high by John Russell. Mrs. Zoller’s students researched the types of businesses and buildings found in colonial America and then planned their design. Once construction began the Maker lab became a lively space of collaboration!
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Let's Build EMPATHY! John Spencer

How About This Empathy Project..... Port Pillows?

Students in Allison King’s class and Meghann Herrenbruck’s class are working this week to create port pillows for chemotherapy patients. Port pillows provide comfort to patients by being placed between the site of the port and a car seatbelt, which can irritate the port. The pillows will be distributed to local hospitals through the charity organization, Chemo Buddies, a non-profit located in Newburgh.

In order to boost the spirits of the patients, students also wrote letters of encouragement to attach to the pillows.

For most students this was their first time to use a sewing machine and they were quick, eager learners! This a great example of a way to teach the standards and empathy, create a Hands-on learning experience, and benefit the community.

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TONIGHT'S Chat, Chapter 2 and 3! It's not too late to Join US!

Semester II - Twitter Book Chat

Beginning in January, we will be hosting another Twitter Book Chat where you will have the opportunity to earn PD points for participation, learn more about building a culture of innovation, collaborate with MSDMV peers, and chat with, author of Pure Genius, Don Wettrick and his daughter, Ava Wettrick!

Each chat (#MVeLearn) will be on Thursday night (7:00pm) for an hour before the #INeLearn (IDOE state) chat (8:00pm). Some of us will be in the SHARP Lab!

Last Thursday's chat was AWESOME!! We had 17 teachers in our discussion of Chapter 1. THANK YOU to ALL who joined in!

SEE Last week's Chat Transcript for Chapter 1!

  • Jan. 17 - Chapter 2 and 3 - Creating a Culture of Innovation and Leadership / There is no Plan

  • Jan. 24 - Chapter 4 - Six Building Blocks of Innovative Learning

  • Jan 31 - Chapter 5 and 6 - Social Media and Teachers / Social Media and Students

  • Feb. 7 - Chapter 7 - Getting Started with Social Media

  • Feb. 14 - Chapter 8 - Opportunities are Everywhere

  • Feb. 21 - Chapter 9 - Student Voices (Special Guest Ava Wettrick)

  • Feb. 28 - Chapter 10 - Moving Forward

Want to use Tweetdeck for the chat? Here's How.....
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