Carlee Freeman

Nature of Work


  • Performing surgeries of many complexities.
  • Treating and diagnosing animals.
  • Providing advice on animal care.
  • Writing/typing up reports and data.
  • Providing the best treatment/medical options.
  • Annual checkups.

Locations and Conditions:

  • In an office sometimes
  • In treatment rooms
  • In a mobile clinic
  • At risk to radiation and diseases
  • Put in potentially dangerous situations

Required Abilities:

  • Good social skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to provide preventive medical services and animal care information
  • Ability to cope


Schools That Provides Professional Training:
  • Michigan State
  • University of Michigan

Amount of Education:

  • 2-4 years pf pre-veterinary or science studies first
  • 4 years of college to graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM)
  • A 2-4 year internship for a specific area or animal if wanted

Subjects Needed:

  • As many mathematics and science classes as possible
  • English, economics, probability and statistics,and other courses.

Personal Impression

Best and Worst Parts of This Field:

  • Working with animals most of the time
  • Repaying the loyalty animals bestow on us
  • Having to put animals down for various reasons
  • Seeing animals deteriorate
  • Telling people good and bad news

Values it Coincides With:

  • Responsibility; being responsible for the tasks at hand
  • Loyalty; sticking with your clients through everything


Salary in Michigan:

  • Hourly wage is $32-$46
  • Annual wage is $67,000-$96,000
  • The earnings range anywhere is $50,000-$145,000

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