shepherd TX bank

dont robb a bank

The Miller

  • One day it was a nices day and a sunny day it was birffen day in Shepherd T.X.

the bank

Then there was a bank robbing comeing in shepherd so i call the peole that will help us if we did it it is not your mom of dad or your teches a it is rhe supphero they did came ............. Then tay did come gittler glaeer came anad cw.kiid tg mnan inble girl cam they all come so they are trying to bant theem and two heor long so they us there power the gitter glaeer her power is that she tower bow and her other on his that she blow gitter at byes to make them biller out . cw k9infd id power arre healing other and his other one is mental ability . tg man his power is that hea ling other and is other is that is strength plus . inbler girl healind ohther and her other on is that ability to affect the weather and odjects aroud you . but they got the robbing man you robb the bank amm to them. THE END