Being Scared of Being Slammed

By: Corey Smith

My Story

When I first started wrestling in the 7th grade I was scared as I don’t know what. I was scared

that I was going to get slammed on my head. When I got on the mat for the first time my

stomach dropped. I wrestled weight class 160. My first match was against the dude from concord

middle school I got pinned in the first 8 seconds of the first period. I tried to put up a fight but I

guess I was just too weak to get him off of me. Then after the match coach said good job Corey I

said thank you coach. After that the real matches started and they had to flip a coin who ever

won the toss up chose odd or even we always chose odd. Coach said that we are going to win

this match I was like yea we are but at the end of the day we lost. We went on to have a great

season I didn’t win any matches that year. I overcame my fear of being slammed by going to

practice every day and practicing with tank also known as mark bostic he was a good person to

go to for help and things and if it wasn’t for him being so tough on me I don’t think I would have

made it the rest of the season.

How I Overcame it.

i over came this by going to practice every day and practicing with tank and working hard everyday and sweating and being slammed and getting back up and going back at it with Tank #RIPTANK