Cougar Call

Volume 1, Issue 5

Halloween Riddles

1. Where did the ghosts go for vacation?

2. What do you call a dead person in the closet?

3. What does a ghost call his mom and dad?

4. What do you call two witches who share a broom?

5. What do you call candy corn?

6. What kind of girl does a mummy take on a date?

7. How do you know if a vampire has a sore throat?

8. Why is it hard for a ghost to tell a lie?

9. What is a hotdog's favorite phrase?

10. Knock, knock

Who's there?

The ghost and the invisible man

The ghost and the invisible man who?

11.What do you call a fat pumpkin?


By: Haley Tyler

Elementary Tricks and Treats

Mr. Funt Teaches Uses "Mr. Bones" to Teach the Skeletal System

Piedmont Academy's kindergarten students in Mrs. Julie Tucker and Mrs. Renee’ Tillman’s class had a special presentation on the human skeletal system presented by high school science teacher and coach, Dan Funt. Mr. Funt brought a life-size model of the human skeleton to show the students. They named him “Mr. Bones.” Mr. Funt used "Mr. Bones” to show the 206 bones in the human skeleton. He also brought skeletons of a bird, rat, snake, turtle, and a cat. The children also learned the functions of the bones and discussed ways to keep their bones healthy. The children saw some actual X-rays of a broken human bone. Afterwards, their activity concluded with the students making paper skeletons for Halloween decorations and learned a poem about a skeleton.

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A Halloween Struggle

This time of year everyone faces the same struggle: What costume to wear for Halloween. Every year people are faced with the tough decision on whether to dress scary, cute, or even funny. But where did this tradition come from?

Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. People believed that during Samhain the spirits of their dead loved ones were lurking about causing mischief. The Celts would often leave food out for the lurking spirits. The Celts would also dress up like spirits and demons and walk around begging for treats.

Starting in the 9th century, November 1st was known as All Saints Day, or All Hallows in Great Britain. All Hallows was a religious holiday in Great Britain. The night before was known as Hallows Eve, which eventually turned into Halloween. In Ireland, people went begging door-to-door while they followed a man dressed as a white horse covered with a sheet and carrying the horse’s head. In Wales, boys and girls dressed up as each other and went door-to-door begging for treats and even money. U.S. Immigrants during the 18th and 19th centuries brought their Halloween traditions with them to America. It was only a matter of time before the famous “Trick or Treating” came in to play, and the dreadful Halloween costumes started haunting everyone’s lives.

Costumes started out as kids dressing up like witches, ghosts, and the occasional vampire. Now we see athletes, police officers, and TV characters. Starting in the late 70’s, girls decided to get a little riskier with their costumes. Costumes started to walk a thin line between scary and flirty. Guys started to get a little crazier with their costumes as well. For example they began dressing up as silly characters and creepy-looking creatures. In today’s society dressing up is not only for little kids but for adults as well.

Halloween costumes started out as a holiday festivity to celebrate the bringing in of new crops. Now, costumes are a part of the Halloween fun for people of all ages. So, just realize the others have struggled for centuries trying to come up with that perfect Halloween costume.
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Do you believe?

It’s Halloween! Ghosts will be coming out! Do you believe? Funny thing about ghosts: Some people believe they’re real, and some people do not. According to the Huffington Post article “Spooky Number of Americans Believe in Ghosts (2/8/13),” about 45% of Americans say that they do believe in ghosts. About 64% of Americans believe in life-after-death.

The original belief came from Egypt. Ancient Egyptians believed that death was a transition into a netherworld. This idea of life-after-death was represented in inscriptions, papyrus scrolls, and tomb paintings.

Skeptics often state that “ghosts are just a comfort for those who fear finality and nothingness.” They have found no scientific evidence of their existence. Some believe that if apparitions were real, they would have overwhelmed us by now.

Believers say that, “Simply because we do not understand them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” Many people swear they’ve experienced ghosts.

Since Ancient Egyptians first documented their idea, the media has created books, movies, and TV shows about the reality of spirits which further boosts interest and the ongoing debate on the subject of ghosts. What do you think?

Lights, Camera, Action

One Act is currently working on The End of Civilization as We Know It. On November 6th the cast and crew will travel to Augusta, Georgia for One Act Competition. On November 13th, the cast will perform the drama here at Piedmont Academy, and the annual Dessert theater will be held here at PAC on November 15th. If the play wins region, the play will be performed at State GISA Competition on November 18th.

The cast is made up of Will Tillman as Mr. Mangles, Chase Olson as Ben, Andrew Mitchell as Ted, Morgan Leach as Lily, Danny Ramsdell as Justin, Cameron Hallman as Cathy, Gabe Courtman as Joe, Steve Martin as Sam, and Maddie Mooneyham as Mimi. The extras include: Chris Cain, Bridgette Phillips, Matti Smith, and Summer Collins. Chris McClain and PJ Leonetti are overseeing the lights and sound for the production. The show will last about thirty minutes total.

Grandparents' Sale for PAC

The Grandparents’ Bazaar took place October 23rd-26th. After building a following for the last twelve years, businesses and parents from Covington, Monticello, and Jackson gladly donate to this annual market. Gayle Marsh, President of the PAC Grandparents' Club, stated that she obtains the greatest enjoyment from the friendships she’s made working on the project and from dealing with the customers. Ms Marsh said: “We laugh a lot.” The biggest headache? She says it’s the dust and the packing up. According to Ms. Marsh the group expected to make at least $25,000 with approximately the same number of items for sale as last year's bazaar. The remaining objects are either donated to Goodwill or placed in a storage building until the Grandparents' Club does the whole process all over for the Spring Sale.

Cupid's Corner

Dear Cupid,

How do you fall in love?

Love, anon

Dear anon,

It is kind of hard to just “fall in love.” First, you have to find the right person and have the right connection with him or her. You have to talk to him/her for a while and really get to know him/her better. Falling in love with someone isn’t something that happens overnight. It is a task that takes a lot of effort, not from just one person, but from both. Falling in love is the way that you know one person is really into the other, and it is a feeling that you can’t even imagine!

I hope you find love,


Dear Cupid,

What is love? Cupid don’t hurt me anymore..

Love, ??

Dear ??,

Love is a very intense feeling of having a “crush” on someone. Love is like those feelings of butterflies that you get when you see or talk to someone, or how someone make you smile, or how someone makes your day. Love is very risky, and you will never know how it feels or what it is until you take the chance. With that being said, I would say if you ever get the chance to have a true love, take it and don’t be afraid to get hurt. If you think about getting hurt, then you will be hurt. If you get hurt, do not be afraid to fall in love again. It is not the end of the world, I promise.

Love always,

Cupid (:

Dear Cupid,

I looove this boy in school. Can you put me in some classes with him?

With love,


Dear A, I’m sorry, but I cannot put you in the same classes he is in. If I could, then I would, but sadly I’m not able to do that. Maybe you should go see Mrs. Cook about it! (:

Best of luck,


Dear Cupid,

Why doesn’t anyone like me? I mean, I try so hard to be hot, but it doesn’t happen. The only person that loves me is my mom.

With love,


Dear Anonymous,

I am pretty sure that more people than just your mom love you. You have your friends, your whole family, your school family, and probably many more people! Being “hot” has nothing to do with someone liking you or not. Appearance has nothing to do with the way someone should look at you. People should look at you for how you are on the inside, and how your personality is. Honestly, elementary, middle school, and/or high school romances may or may not be the deciding factor of your life. Some people will find a long lasting love throughout high school, but most people do not find anyone until they get older and go to college. You have plenty of time to find the right person. The main thing I want to tell you is to hold your head up and know you are beautiful inside and out!

Stand tall,


Dear Cupid,

I love this person but he/she doen’t love me.

With love,


Dear Reese’s,

How do you know that this person doesn’t “love” you? He or she honestly probably doesn’t love you, but I bet they might like you. Also, are you sure that you “love” them? Love is a really big word to use, and sometimes it is used the wrong way. What I think you might mean is that you like him/her a lot, and you have a huge crush on him/her. Maybe sooner or later, you will eventually fall in love with this person. Just make sure that you don’t misuse the word.

Love always,


Dear Cupid,

I love this guy; he is cute and really sweet! Please give me advice for our future. Thanks dude!

Lots of Love,


Dear Anonymous,

If you really are in love with this guy, then my best advice is to keep doing what you are doing. Do not ever do anything that you wouldn’t want him doing. A relationship needs trust. Go out of your way to make him smile, because, hopefully, he does the same thing. It’s not a one way street, so don’t act like it is only his job to make the relationship work. Don’t get overprotective and give him space. The main thing you don’t want to do is get annoy him into thinking he has to spend all day, every day, with you. Give him time to go hang out with his friends and never ditch your friends to be with him, because if something were to happen between you and this guy, your friends are going to be the people you go to in order to get your mind off of him.

I hope this helps,


Dear Cupid,

I love this girl; she is beautiful. How do I make her love me?



Dear D.R.,

You can’t really make someone love you. Maybe start off by talking to her and getting to know her. It is not the “outside” that really means anything, but it is more the “inside” that counts. Go out of your way to talk to her and make her smile. Let her know that you care. Maybe tell her how you feel about her to see if she feels the same way. If she does, just go from there and expand your relationship with her. Always let her know she is beautiful and go out of your way to tell her. So, if she doesn’t feel the same way about you right now, then maybe you should talk to her more and let her know more about you, but most of all do, NOT try to push yourself on her because no girl likes for that to happen. Don’t give up on trying to win her over either, because sometimes girls like to play hard to get to see how much you really do like her.

Wishing you the best,


By: Cupid (:

Cross Country

Congratulations go to Alina Jablonski and Brice Dodson, who earned honors at the State Cross Country Meet. Alina placed 3rd with a Personal Record time of 21 minutes and 15 seconds on the 5K trail. She improved her time by half a minute. Alina stated that she was proud of her progress, saying, “I think it was a good season and I am excited for next year and for the Deer Dash that is coming up.” Brice Dodson placed 28th with a Personal Record time of 23 minutes and 10 seconds on the 5K trail. Coach Brady said, “I am proud of my runners and how much they have improved since the beginning of the year. Alina did great all season, and Brice progressed in every aspect of Cross Country.” The practices to train for the meets were rigorous. They would practice 3-4 times a week and did speed drills, long runs, and 400 meter runs. Sometimes they would run up to 10 miles a day. You train way past the actual meet distances. If you are training for a 3 mile run, then when you practice, you run 6 or more.”

Fantastic Friday Football

The Piedmont Cougars looked awesome last Friday, October 24, as they hosted a 62-12 blowout of Dawson Street Academy, LaGrange, on Senior Night. After honoring the graduating Seniors on this year’s football squad, the Cougars dominated. The leading scorer for Piedmont was Hunter Knox, who had three touchdowns. Hank Strickland added two touchdowns, and Ben Davis and Zach Beggs each had one. The impressive defense play was led by linebacker Jeremiah Dave, who finished the game with nine tackles, including two tackles for a loss.

November Paws at a Glance

  • October 30:

    • Seniors go to the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern

    • October 31:

    • Teacher Holiday (no school)

    • Varsity Football vs. Flint River - Woodbury- @7:30 (2nd region game)

  • November 1:

    • Cheer competition @ Southland

  • November 4:

    • Cheer competition @ Bulloch

    • PTO meeting at 3:30

  • November 8:

    • Cheer competition @ Brentwood

    • Mercer Math Competition

  • November 11:

    • Veterans breakfast @7:30am

  • November 12:

    • Fine Arts Dress Down Day

  • November 13:

    • Softball and Cross Country awards banquet @6:30

  • November 14:

    • elementary chapel

  • November 15:

    • Cheer competition @ Briarwood Academy

    • Shooting team target meet @Hudson Plantation

  • November 19:

    • ASVAB @8:45

    • Shooting competition with Gatewood Academy

  • November 20:

    • Mid Quarter

  • November 21:

    • Shotgun team selling chicken biscuits

    • Dismiss at 12:30

  • November 22:

    • State cheer competition meet @John Milledge Academy

Riddle Answers

  1. Mali-BOO.

  2. The 1966 hide-and-go-seek champion.

  3. His transparents.

  4. Broom mates.

  5. Pumpkin poop.

  6. Any old girl he can dig up.

  7. You can hear him coughin'.

  8. Because you can see right through him.

  9. Happy HalloWEINIE!

  10. Long time no see

  11. A plumpkin.