Montessori for Flint

May 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Application Deadline for New Students: May 15

Thinking about applying to Flint's Montessori elementary program for the fall but haven't done so yet? There's still time (but not much).

The application window for NEW elementary students (early 5/kindergarten through 3rd grade) will be closing on May 15. You can download the application today at (Currently enrolled Flint Montessori students do not need to re-apply.)

If you have questions, please contact Montessori for Flint Parent Liaison, Elizabeth Jordan at

Current Elementary Students

If your child is currently enrolled in the elementary Montessori program this school year (2017-18) and you plan to continue, you do not have to do anything. (If you do not plan to continue, please inform Pam Mosher by emailing ASAP so we can release your spot to another family.)

New Elementary Students

To be considered for the elementary program, which will serve early 5/kindergarten through 3rd grade next year, you must turn in an application to the Flint Community Schools administration building by May 15. For the Early 5/kindergarten class, students must be 5 years old by December 1, 2018. If you have questions, you can call the enrollment office at 810-767-6158. The application is available for download on the Montesori for Flint website:

New Pre-K Students

The first step is to pre-register for the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) by calling (810) 591-KIDS or visiting Be sure to select Flint Community Schools- Durant Tuuri Mott Montessori as your preferred program. Once you do, please also call the Flint early childhood office at 810-767-8018. Ms. Wilson or Ms. Shellman can help walk you through the rest of the process. Because the pre-K enrollment process has several steps, we have developed a guide for families which can be emailed, upon request.

The Montessori for Flint website has additional resources and information available to help you. Thank you for your interest in the Flint Montessori program.

Montessori Math Lesson- Number Rods

You probably know by now that Montessori education uses specialized materials to teach concepts, starting with the concrete and then moving to the abstract. But how exactly does that happen? This link from My Works offers a glimpse. In it, you will see how the red and blue rods are used to introduce the first math lesson in an age 3-6 classroom. Once students learn the physical quantity of 1-10, the next lesson links this to the numerals that symbolize the quantity. The video also models other aspects of Montessori education, including:
  • Encouraging opportunities to succeed rather than overtly correcting mistakes, which builds confidence
  • The three-period lesson, which is used when introducing many concepts
  • Fostering care for the classroom environment and materials

Help Stock the Pre-K Room!

Please help us refresh our practical life activities! Objects you have around the house may be the perfect addition to our Pre-K classroom. Things that we could use include: various locks with keys, silver or wood objects for polishing, a flashlight to take apart and assemble, old boots to scrub, eye droppers, and basters. If you have items to contribute, please reach out to Elizabeth Jordan at or (810) 610-7209.

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child. - Maria Montessori

Seeking Teachers

We are looking for certified teachers with early childhood experience who have or are willing to be trained in Montessori education. View the posting here. If you or someone you know is potentially interested please apply as soon as possible. If there are potential teachers who could be a good fit for the Montessori program but don’t yet have Montessori training, training can be provided. Contact Elizabeth Jordan with questions or for more information.
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Volunteers Needed!

DTM will host a resource fair from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Montessori for Flint has been asked to have a table in order to provide information about the program. We are seeking 1-2 volunteers to take 2 hour shifts. If you are available, please contact Elizabeth at (810) 610-7209 or

Thank you, in advance, for your support of the program!

May Montessori for Flint Advisory

Friday, May 18th, 4pm

1518 University Avenue

Flint, MI

Advisory meetings are held the third Friday of each month at 4:00 pm in the Durant Tuuri Mott library (1518 University Ave). Please mark your calendar and plan to join us for the next Advisory Meeting. This is the best way to get information, share ideas, help shape the future of Montessori for Flint and ensure sustainability of this high-quality programming for our children and our community.

Substitute Teaching Opportunity

Montessori for Flint is seeking individuals who are interested in being available as a substitute teacher for the Montessori classrooms. Having at least 90 hours of college credit is required, and knowledge of Montessori philosophy is preferred. To register, visit PESG (the company that coordinates substitutes for Flint Community Schools at If you or someone you know is potentially interested please register as soon as possible. If there are potential substitutes who could be a good fit for the Montessori program but don’t yet have Montessori training, there are possibilities. Contact Elizabeth Jordan with questions or for more information.

Flint Family Fun

Looking for free, fun stuff to do with your family? Updated weekly. Check out this great resource, created by a Montessori for Flint parent.

Reach 4 the Stars: Raising Great Readers

Book Donations Accepted: Genesee County-wide Book Freecycling effort is always accepting new and gently used children's books for free redistribution to Genesee County families with limited or no access to high-quality literacy materials. Pick-up available. Call Autumn Bagley, Genesee County Great Start Parent Liaison, at (810) 591-5126 or email
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Montessori at Home: Practical Life

The goal of Practical Life is to help your child gain independence, control in the coordination of their movement, and adapt to society.

Here are some suggestions from a member of the Montessori for Flint Advisory, Mrs. Starletta Rett-Henry, for Practical Life Works:

Dusting (Materials Needed: Duster and Tray)

Pouring Grains

Wet (Liquid) Pouring

Using a Funnel

Using a Baster

Using an Eye Dropper

Grating Soap

Arranging Flowers

Grinding Coffee Beans

Spooning Works

Tonging Works (Provide new materials to tong, like pom poms or felt balls)

Locks and Keys

Assembling a Flashlight

Creating a Noodle Necklace

Pencil Sharpening (Materials Needed: Sharpener and Pencils)

Boot Scrubbing (Materials Needed: Large Boots and a Scrubber, Liquid Cleaner, Oil-Optionally)

Small Weaving Boards

Sorting Trays

Picking Grapes

Spreading Butter

Polishing Silver or Wood

There are four main "areas" of Practical Life:

1. Care of self, 2. Care of the environment, 3. Control of movement, and 4. Grace and courtesy.

Use activities you feel will hold your child's interest, and benefit your them at the moment. Be sure to rotate Practical Life activities periodically.

About Montessori for Flint

Montessori is a learning method that can be used throughout elementary and secondary school. Families in Flint, MI now have a free, public choice to continue Montessori education in elementary school.

Montessori for Flint serves as the advisory group to the Flint Community Schools' Montessori program. To be added to the advisory group email list or get more information call (810) 610-7209.