Chinese Gymnasts

Dmitry Tereshenko

Gymnastics (体操 Tǐcāo )

Gymnastics is taken very serious in China. Here, in the United States, Men's Gymnastics is referred to as an unmanly-like or "gay" sport. In China, it is a sport of honor and taken as a chance to bring honor and glory to China. Gymnasts in China base their lives off of their gymnastics schedule. Parents that are serious about their children being gymnasts start their kids off at the age of two. After the children get a little bit older, only about four or five, parents might sometimes send their children away for fifty-two weeks out of a year to train in one of China's many athletic training centers. There are only fifty-four weeks in a year!

Training (训练 Xùnliàn )

Gymnasts in China train very seriously. They train as hard as they can, enduring almost torture like excursuses to form their body to the sport. Like I said before, some parents send their children to one of China's many athletic centers to train for fifty-two weeks out of a year. The parents just want their children to do their best and become the best they can.

Some people believe that the Chinese' training goes to far and that it is torture. Yes, parents know that the stretching and manipulating of their children's body is painful at times and can be hard to handle, but they look it as a 'moment of weakness' and do not wish to ruin their child's potential for the olympics by giving into a single moment of weakness.

Famous Chinese Gymnasts

  • Wu Guonian
  • Li Yuejiu
  • Lo Yun
  • Li Ning
  • Tong Fei
  • Li Xiashuang
  • Lu Yu Fun
  • Li Xiapeng
  • Li Donghua
  • Zhou Shixiong
  • Teng Haibin
  • Zou Li Min
  • Xiao Ruizhi

These are all elite men gymnasts that have progress so far through the sport of gymnastics that they have came up with new skills and have been given the honor of having skills named after them.

Wu Guonian (吴过拈 Wúguò niān )

  • Started training in 1971.
  • Competed on the Chinese National Team from 1979 to 1983.
  • Has won titles on Floor, Pommel Horse, and Vault
  • Has invented two skills

Li Yuejiu (李月久 Liyuèjiǔ )

  • He is China's first male world champion in gymnastics.
  • Given the nickname "Thunder thighs" for his powerful tumbling.
  • Has invented one skill
Li Yuejiu has a wife, Wu Jiani, and a daughter, Anna Li. Wu Jiani is a coach in Tokyo as the assistant U.S coach there and Anna Li is a gymnast on the U.S national team. (I have actually met Anna at the gymnastics Kellogg's Tournament.

Lo Yun ( 楼云 Lóu Yún)

  • Competed in both the 1984 and 1988 Olympics, winning Vault both times.
  • He was selected for the National Team in 1977.
  • Has invented one skill

Li Ning (李宁 Liníng)

  • Started gymnastics when he was eight.
  • Joined the National Team in 1980. In 1982 he won six medals at the Sixth World Cup Gymnastics Competition. This is the meet where he earned the title "Prince of Gymnastics (体操王子 Tǐcāo wángzǐ )
  • Has won fourteen world Artistic Gymnastics Championships titles.
  • After he retired, Li started up his own business, Li-Ning Company Limited. They sell footwear and sporting apparel.
  • Hw was added into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2000, becoming the first Chinese to do so.
  • Has invented three skills.

Tong Fei (童非 Tóng fēi)

  • Competed in the 1984 Olympics, winning the silver on High Bar.
  • Has invented one skill.

Li Xiaoshuang (李小双 Lixiǎoshuāng )

  • Started gymnastics at the age of six. This was when he and his twin brother, Li Dashshuang, found out they had potential.
  • They both became members of China's National team in the year 1992. In the 1992 Olympics, Li won the gold on floor, bronze on rings, and second overall for team.
  • Is the first Chinese Olympic all-around Champion.
  • Has invented one skill

Lu Yufu (卢裕富 Lúyùfù )

  • First ever to do a tsukahara double pike.
  • Invented one skill.

Li Xiaopeng (李小鹏 Lǐ Xiǎopéng )

  • Specilizes in Parallel bars and Vault
  • Holds sixteen world titles.
  • Has more world titles than any other Chinese gymnast.
  • Was the torch bearer in the torch relay in the East Asian Games.
  • Started gymnastics at the age of six and was put on the national team at only age fifteen.
  • Was China's youngest world (team) gymnastics champion ever in 1997.
  • Won the gold Vault medal in the World Championships in 1999.
  • Won the gold Parallel Bars medal in the 2000 Olympics.
  • Was the only person to win three gold medals; Team Final, Vault, and Parallel Bars.
  • Has invented two skills.

Li Donghua (李东华 Lǐ Dōng Huá )

  • Originated in China, but moved to Swiss when he fell in love with a Swiss citizen and moved there. He eventually began competing for Switzerland internationally.
  • Won the gold medal on Pommel Horse in the 1996 Olympics (As a Swiss citizen).
  • Invented one skill

Zhou Shixiong (周师兄 Zhōu shīxiōng )

  • Has invented one skill

Teng Haibin ( 滕海滨 Téng Hǎibīn )

  • Two Time World Champion
  • Olympic gold medalist on Pommel Horse
  • Invented one skill

Zou Li Min (邹李敏 Zōulimǐn )

  • Invented one skill

Xiao Rui Zhi (萧锐志 Xiāo ruìzhì )

  • Invented one skill


Wu Guonian
Wu on floor
Li Yuejiu. At the 1982 Asian Games (2nd Pass)
Li Yuejiu FX 1982 Asian Games
Lo Yun
Lou Yun

Pommel Horse

Li Ning;

- First Video (Second skill)

-Second Video is at the 1983 Worlds Pommel Horse Event Finals

Named Gymnastic Elements. Pommel Horse
Li Ning 1983 Worlds Pommel Horse Event Finals
Tong Fei;

-Pommel Horse Event Finals at Worlds, first skill is named after him.

Tong Fei 1982 World Cup EF PH
Wu Guonian
Wu on Pommel Horse


Li Ning;

-First Video: Ling Ning 1, at the 1983 Worlds Rings Event Finals

-Second video; Ling Ning 1

-Third Video; Ling Ning 2, skill is at 0:31 through the routine

-Fourth Video; Ling Ning 2

The difference between the Li Ning 1 and 2 is that one is from support while the other is from a swing.

Li Ning 1983 Worlds Rings Event Finals
ring.Li Ning1
Li Ning Player (China) of the Rings 00:31"Li Ning 2"
ring.Li Ning 2
Li Xiaoshuang;

-First Video is at the 1992 Olympics, Rings Finals

-Second Video is just the skill

Li Xiaoshuang SR 1992 Olympics EF
Li Xiaoshuang SR 1992 Olympics EF


Lu Yu Fu, or tsukahara double pike
Tsuk Double Pike
David Belyavskiy VT - 2013 Europeans AA
Li Xiaopeng at 2008 Beijing Men's Team Finals
2008 Beijing Men's Team Finals - Li Xiaopeng VT (16.775)

Parallel Bars

Li Xiaopeng;

-First Video just the skill

-Second Video is at the 2008 Beijing Event Finals for P-Bars and where he got gold

PARALLEL BARS - LI XIAOPENG (Front Uprise Double Pike to Upper Arms)
2008 Beijing Event Finals - Li Xiaopeng PB (Gold - 16.450)
Li Donghua;

-First Video is just the skill

-Second Video is actually him.

parallel bar.double salto fwd tucked
Parallel bars. Li Donghua
Zhou Shixiong;

-First Video is actually him

-Second Video is just the skill

Zhou Shixiong 7.1 pbar 2012 asian gymnastic game filmed by 绵羊
Parallel bars - Basket with 5/4 turn to handstand (F or G?)
Teng Haibin;

-First Video is at Parallel Bars Event Finals at the 2012 Chinese Nationals where he got second place.

-Second Video is at the 2010 World Championships, Parallel Bars Event Finals

Teng Haibin PB EF 2011 Chinese Nationals
Teng Haibin CHN PB EF - Rotterdam 2010 World Championships

High Bar

Zou Li Min

Zou Li Min on High Bar
Josh's Zou Li Min
Xiao Ruizhi;

-First video is jus the skill,

-Second Video is actually my old teammate

Xiao Ruizhi
Learning a Xiao Ruizhi