My Future Project

Jose Hernandez Period:7


1. Oil Changes, State Inspection, Tire change, Head and Tail light repairs, car diagnoses, and more

2. Some day could vary for some mechanics

3. Around $36,000 or could be more personal criteria

4. Must meet educational, certification, licensing, and personal criteria

Places To Travel

1. Tokyo

Mixes ultramodern and traditional things and can cost more than $6,000 around $7,000 or more if you don't spend your money wisely.

Future Living Places Dallas,Texas

1. $805 for a 2 bedroom apartment at Olympus At Ross Apartments

2. Area= 12 counties and pop. = 1.258 million

Car Options

1. Chevy impala 2006 model (pearl white)

price range around $2,833-$10,889

Get loans from the bank to buy tghe car

Monthly Budget

-Car paid

-Gas, Chevy Impala 2006, $1,700 per year on gas

-Cell phone $60 a month

-insurance $132 a month