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Please have a fun and restful spring break!!!
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Mrs. Jester's Math

This week in 6th grade Pre-AP we are reviewing slope of a line and determining if a function is linear by graphing or writing the equation in slope-intercept form. Your student will need graph paper on Wednesday. They will also have a quiz on linear equations and functions on Friday.

This week in 6th grade math, we are identifying figures with line symmetry and graphing reflections and rotations in a coordinate plane. Your student will need to bring colored pencils to class on Thursday.

Parents, please be reminded that the end of the third nine weeks is this Friday. All missing/absent work that is past due needs to be turned in to me by Friday. The district's policy on absent work is that your student gets the number of days they have been absent plus one day to turn in work that was done while they were gone. I gave all of my students a math missing assignment report today.

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Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Turnbow's Math

Mrs. Turnbow's and Mrs. Campbell's 6th grade math classes have a busy week ahead!

Monday we will double check our unit organization and I will answer any questions regarding the test review.

Tuesday we will have a test over their Geometry unit. The review went out Friday. Don't forget, if the test review is completed AND signed by a guardian and returned BEFORE taking the test it will count toward bonus points on the test.

Wednesday and Thursday Mrs. Turnbow's 6th grade math students will take a mock OCCT. This is will allow us to refresh our minds on what we've covered throughout the year and set goals for ourselves for the OCCT we will take in April. The grades will be posted in the gradebook as a reference only, but will NOT be calculated with other grades in the gradebook.

Friday we will enjoy our final Spirit Day and do a fun reflection project on Transformations in class.

Any student that is gone MUST plan to stay after school to make up the assessments on Tuesday, March 21.

Ms. Jasper's Science

This week we will be working on finishing Chapter 6 Lesson 2. We will be discussing how the body responds to environmental change and how it moves.

Just some reminders for this week:

I will be out of the building on Thursday and Friday of this week for professional development.

Ms. Clark's Science

Ms. Clark's Science classes will be learning about the parts of the cells and their functions. On Wednesday, we'll be making models of cells....using sugar cookies. We'll add frosting for the cytoplasm and various candies for organelles. Any donations of plain ol' sugar cookies (no frosting) on Wednesday will be mighty appreciated!

Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Anderson's Social Studies

We are introducing Central America this week!! We are working on maps of Central America and learning some new vocabulary.

Mrs. Frank and Ms. Walter's English

Wednesday and Thursday in English we are taking our nine weeks summative test. Students may bring home their spiral to study since it will not be open note.

Mrs. Edwards' Literacy

This week we will be working on filling out plot diagrams. We will be watching some Disney Pixar Short Films, and the students will be working with partners to fill out the diagrams. We will also be in groups making up our own shorts stories using the plot diagram. FUN TIMES THIS WEEK!!!!!! :)

Spring Spirit Dates for Central

Monday, February 27

Papa Murphy’s Take n’


11:00 am to 9:00 pm

North-Santa Fe and Danforth Road 844-3100

South–33rd and Broadway 509-2979

West-15001 N. May Ave. 286-3400

Tuesday, April 25

Arctic Edge

7:15 pm to 8:45 pm

14613 N Kelly Ave 748-


Thursday, March 9

Chick fil A

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

1210 E 2nd St,

Edmond 330-1141

Thursday, April 27

Panera Bread

4:00 pm to 8:00


1472 S Bryant Ave 844-5525

Will need flyer for CMS to receive creditwatch

for flyer to come home!

Monday, March 27

Papa Murphy’s Take n’


11:00 am to 9:00 pm

North-Santa Fe and Danforth Road 844-3100

South–33rd and Broadway 509-2979

West-15001 N. May Ave. 286-3400


For more information contact

Macy Wilson at macylane.wilson@gmail.com

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