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Should the U.S and Mexican border have a wall put up between them to keep out illegal immigrants? Our political stand point on this is no because it is not only going to cost billions of dollars, which the U.S doesn't have because we are already in a major debt of 16.349 trillion dollars, it would cause poverty. Adding to that the U.S is a melting pot and keeping a variety of cultures that these immigrants bring in will drop down in population thus a drop in jobs meaning less money going to the government. If the government doesn't get money the taxes would go up and people who don't have any money to pay those taxes would be in even more debt. Therefore the U.S would experience extreme poverty.

Our Solution

Instead of building a wall that will cost billions and billions of dollars in tax payer money we can put more guards on the border and heavily enforce immigration laws. Putting more guards on the fence and enforcing laws will cost us 4.5 billion dollars more than we are already paying. I know that is a lot but if you built a wall it would not only cost billions of dollars but we will have to pay more money to maintain the wall. Plus China still had guards on their wall so you would be paying the same plus more for the wall. Adding on to that Mexicans might see our wall as a sign of war instead of just a barrier. So would you like to pay your regular taxes and then some every time the wall needs fixing or would you support reinforcing the laws and having more guards.