The Olympics

The Opening Ceremony

The Entree

The Olympics started February 7th. The opening ceremony was cool. 87 countries walked in that day with 2800 athletes. That has to be a big stadium to hold all of those people. There was a ballet dance that is about an 11 year old girl going throw the history of Russia the hole story was told in a dance form. The ballet ended up with a girl walking up a stare case made of people holding there hand up in a stare case looking thing.

The Torch and Cauldron

The cauldron was being lit while the opening ceremony was going on. The Torch was sent from Vancouver to Russia. Fun fact the Olympic torch was sent to space at November 9th 2013 then came back. The 2 persons who lit the cauldron are called Irina Rodnina and Vladislav Tretyak