4C News

April 29, 2016


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Another successful bridge project in the books! The great news is that each bridge held at least 1 pound! We had one bridge that held 60 pounds! Please look out for pictures and paperwork to come home in next week's Friday Folder. Now, we're on to Module 7!

Mr. Philipp's Class ~ We are almost finished with fractions! Next Friday, your child will take his/her Module 5 test. Please take some time to practice a few minutes each night to refresh the skills and concepts taught throughout the module.

This week the students focused on subtracting fractions and mixed numbers and the various strategies that are associated with it. They also focused on multiplying fractions. Each of these skills built upon the previous skills taught in the module such as comparing fractions and converting. Bring on the test!


We continue to review skills/concepts for the upcoming NYS Science Test. The water cycle is our most recent area in review. On Monday, the kids will take part in a lesson with representatives from the Watershed Authority.


We just finished up our mini unit on Government. We touched upon the federal, state, and local government structures. In your child's Friday Folder you'll see the inquiry work that kept us very busy! This week students finished up an informational paragraph about how citizens can take part in government and why they should.

Our next unit will focus on In Search of Freedom and A Call for Change. It's effective to start with the end in mind........I'm excited about the letters that the students will be writing to Susan B. Anthony to explain the changes for women since her time.

Field Trips

  • I'm excited to announce that we'll be adding another field trip to our schedule. We'll be visiting Granger Homestead on the afternoon of June 13th. We plan to leave the building at 12:15 and walk there. We'll leave Granger around 2:15 to return to school at 2:30. This trip is FREE! Email me if you'd like to join us.
  • Next Friday a packet of permission slips will come home. There will be a slip for the Erie Canal Trip, Onanda Park, and Granger Homestead.
  • Money and slips for the Genesee Country Museum Trip are due to me by May 16th. Student admission is $7 and adult volunteers are $11.

Important Dates to Remember

May 3rd - Chorus

May 4th - Band/Orchestra

May 5th - Instrument Lessons

May 6th - Placement Forms Due

May 8th - Mother's Day

May 30th - No School ~ Memorial Day