EIST - 6120 Discussion #8

Social Media Sites by Sherry Colon

Overview of Social Media

Social media are various websites and applications that have user-generated content that enables a person (user) to share and participate in a community (social networking). One way to share content is through the use of videos. Videos are a great way to bring excitement into the classroom. For teachers, a video shares content in a powerful and engaging way. For students, a video encourages interaction with content topics by hand-picking images, video, music and text.

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Animoto is a site that operates under the premise "Share your story with the world" where you can create videos to share for a variety of purposes. The basic level is free and more advanced features can be upgraded for a price. Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus Account to use in the classroom.

The advantages of this site:

(1) It only takes a few minutes to create a video.

(2) You can upload photos, video, and music clips.

(3) No expensive equipment is needed.

(4) You can embed, share, or download when you are done.

(5) You can make on a computer or mobile device. There is a free app for both Iphone and Android Systems.

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YouTube Videos

YouTube is a website that allows users to upload, view, and share videos.

The advantages of this site:

(1) Available content includes video clips on every subject (Anyone can find a video about anything - both good and bad), TV clips, music videos, educational videos, and original videos.

(2) Videos can be created on a PC using a webcam or on a smartphone using the video feature.

(3) It is free - using a Gmail Account.

(4)The video process is easy to do although sometimes it takes a little while for your movie to upload.

Comparing YouTube and Animoto

How are they alike?

  • Both sites can be used to create videos on a variety of different topics.
  • Both are free to use.
  • Expensive equipment is not needed for either site to create the videos.
  • Both can be created using a mobile device or a PC.

How are they different?

  • Purpose of use - YouTube is used to find video clips for a variety of subjects whereas Animoto is used to create videos on a variety of subjects.
  • Animoto can be upgraded for a charge whereas YouTube there is no charge.
  • Animoto is a simple step-by-step process.

Learning Activities


Create A YouTube Center In Your Classroom - Divide your class into groups and have them rotate through a station (which will free you up to work with a small group of students). At a YouTube station, introduce students to new information and an activity using the information. For example, in Social Studies I would create an Age of Exploration center. Using a variety of YouTube videos on Age of Explorers, the students then would do a mapping activity, answer questions about certain explorers, and/or fill out a graphic topic organizer.


Create Animoto Videos - Have students create an animoto video on a famous poet for ELA class. Students would research a poet's background and famous works, then create a video that would symbolize that poet.

Use Animoto videos to start or wrap up a lesson using key concepts.

Create a Book trailer — If you’re an ELA teacher, have students make a “movie trailer” advertising a book they’ve read by matching a brief plot summary, pictures, and then choosing a song that perfectly captures the mood of the novel.