The Invention of the Escalator

Introduction to an escalator

The escalator is a very simple thing that is used very frequently all over the world.

Jesse Reno, a graduate of Lehigh University, graduating with a engineering degree in mining, produced the first ever functioning escalator which he referred to as the inclined elevator. It was put right by the Old Iron Pier at Coney Island New, York in 1896.

How an escalator works and how it affects people

An escalator works very simply today, just by a chain being attached underneath the elevator to each of the steps moving it around and around in a horizontal direction, (usually at a 30 degree angle.) But even back when it was first invented it was still just about the same as it is today.

When Reno first invented his elevator, it was just moving stairs, with cleats on the floor of the steps for traction, the only major difference was that this elevator moved at a 25 degree incline.

An escalator has always been used, and was invented to help people move easier through a building or area such as a shopping mall, an airport, hotels, and even used for arenas, such as a football arena.

Illustrations of escalators


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