Friday Coffee Chat!

September 4, 2015

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Happy Friday,

I love flipping the page to a new calendar and thinking about new goals for the month and season! It's September and we are walking into our best season of a year. A few years ago in December, I can clearly remember saying to myself-- wow-- why didn't a do more this holiday season? Make more calls, book more shows, share the opportunity more. And I was disappointed. That will never be a regret of mine again.

So it is all about bookings. I hope that you are joining me in the 12 days of Stella contests! Don't think you can book 12 shows? Number 1 YOU CAN and number 2-- you never know what I have up my sleeve so keep booking new shows :) Keep working your business!

xo Stef

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Top 10 for the Shining Diamonds!

$ earned your RAISE!!!

You sold $2300 or MORE!

Kristina McKillop 3,672

ashley dejong 3,648

Taryn Stabler 3,490

Jamie Cohen 3,460

Samantha Reuter 3,039

Katherine Sibbaluca 3,012

Megan Filipowicz 2,675

Candace Cook 2,463

Kaitlin Cole 2,446

Christine Dinger 2,439

Lori Favoroso 2,400

Kelly Smith 2,393

Audrey Mormann 2,342

Shannon Burgwald 2,335

Anastasia Henderson 2,334

Jennifer Francis 2,328

Hello QUALIFIED!!! $500 +

laura lapitzki 2,161

Amanda Matarazzi 2,007

Jenna Harrison 2,004

Elise Antrobus 1,813

Meghan Scott 1,710

Daniela Glomb 1,674

Suzanne Bilotta 1,544

Catharine Gwaltney 1,469

Suzanne Dillinger 1,454

Diana Fuller 1,393

Cindy Croley 1,393

Megan Wittmann 1,358

Lindsey Longo 1,310

Katherine O'Connor 1,302

Audrea Davis 1,270

Brittany Youngman 1,253

Courtney Sward 1,228

Laura Steele 1,169

Kaylia Austin 1,161

Amy Taimanglo 1,089

Holly Herbener 961

Emily Dziunycz 923

Rachel Kupferschmidt 881

Jessica Barnett 868

Anne Marks 806

Kathy Franchi 779

Kendra Youren 773

Kristin Pavone 770

Katie Kloepfer 741

Jennifer Keenan 724

Katie Meyer 681

Andrea Boscaglia 681

Natalie Barlick-Reed 674

Ashley Janis 666

Deborah Everett 652

Kelly Kane 644

Cherie Wenk 626

Virginia Acosta 607

Elizabeth Stonaker 579

Courtney Garrett 534

Amanda Tellez 530

Krista Frick 515

Bridget Evans 508

Jaimie Stewart 507

Sandra Merriman 506

Lindsey Goodwin 506

Season Moran 505

Kati Ayres 500


Associate Stylist Audrey Mormann

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WELCOME!!!! New Stylists in August!

Welcome to our amazing TEAM!!!! We are so excited for you to get started and ROCK your fall!

Catherine Blount, Megan Calamaro, Kelli Lyndon, Teri Harris, Lauren Woerner, Lisa Joswick, Heather Mitchell

Holiday PREVIEW!

The Fall Collection is on fire, and we have even more gorgeous product heading your way! Holiday Preview Collection sampling is just around the corner and we’ve got all the details for you!

Key dates:

  • Wednesday, September 9th: Sampling begins for all Stylists
  • Thursday, September 10th: Customer launch
  • Wednesday, September 16th: Sampling ends for all Stylists

While you always enjoy an incredible 25% discount, sampling periods give you the opportunity to double that discount and sample at a 50% discount! If you earned your sample discount for the Fall Collection, great news; you’re qualified for this sampling period as well. Additionally, any Stylist that earns 250 PQV by Monday, August 31st will be able to sample the Holiday Preview Collection at 50% off!

Look who is ROCKING their WEEK!

Re-Entre Month is HERE!

Get yourself to a Local Team Meeting! Meet up are meant for All stylists, so regardless of where your upline lives, get yourself conected with your Local Stella & Dot Community! Check here for meetings in your area!

Sign up for our LOCAL meet up in Plymouth Meeting!

12 Days of STELLA!! JOIN US!

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Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all stylists wanting coaching calls or pacing groups!!

With your GOALS close to heart and our biggest selling season upon us, some of you may be wanting some extra help along your journey to reach your personal goals!!

Think you'd enjoy regular coaching calls with your upline leader?

20-30 minute chats every week or every other week?

Or want to be paired with some fellow Stylists can you tackle that goals together?

Let me and/or your upline know! I am living proof of the power of pacing. When you find that right combo, there is nothing more powerful that having stylist friends with whom you connect with regularly to reach your personal goals.

Let me know and we will get YOU started!