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Kailie kosina, period 2 , mrs jee

5- 11 years old

The first book I ever read was a book about cute animals. It had pictures of the animals and their texture of their skin on their bodies. I remember the bunnies and puppies had very soft fur and the turtle was more of a dry, harsh surface. This book was very special to me since it was so easy to read.

When I got older I started to read a little more complexed and older kid books. For example I read curious George and no David no, these books are easy to read now that I'm 15 but at 8 years old it was a big deal. Around 9 or 10 I was reading books with maybe 150 pages in them. I read warriors and this book was my favorite because I always loved cats and it opened my imagination a lot.

12-15 years old

When I was in 6th grade I remember reading all the hunger games books. These books were so entertaining to me because the situation was so messed up but the story of the characters was so different and somewhat inspiring. I also remember reading a book about a dog who got lost for years in the mountains and somehow found its way back to its owners, I completely forgot it's name but I loved the story. Around 14 I read the contender in English class in 9th grade. This book was sad because in the end the main character wasn't very successful even though he tried very hard. But it inspired me that any goal is possible if I try hard enough and put it work. Over the summer of being 15, I finally read the fault in our stars, this book was very sad. The whole book was about unconditional love no matter what gets in the way or the potential ending.

No David no!! Hunger games. The fault in our stars


Reading in elementary school was most influential because I was kind of forced to read but the teachers shaped me into my style of reading. I do not consider myself a reader because I get confused and uninterested quickly and sometimes I feel to tired or don't have the time. In the future id love to be a reader once I have free time in my adulthood maybe on vacation or at home.