Dangers of Smoking

By: Jasmine Gong , Digital Literacy, 1/7/15, Pd 7

Smoking Basics

The topic I chose was the dangers of smoking. I chose this topic because smoking affects millions of people all over the world and harms nearly every part of the body. I wanted to research more about the topic and what exactly it does to your health. Smoking is the inhalation of fumes from cigarettes or other tobacco products. How can I create a presentation that will inform others about the dangers of smoking?

Smoking is a Dangerous Practice

Smoking causes 1/5 of the deaths in the world and increases the risk for all types of cancer. It also damages many parts of your body such as the heart, vessels, lungs, immune system and teeth. In addition, it reduces the ability of your senses like sight and smell. For women, it can make it harder to have kids and increases genetic flaws for the child. Smokers are also more likely to get diabetes and many other diseases.

The Truth About Smoking

Most people smoke cigarettes because they think it relieves stress. However, doctors and psychologists say that "the idea that smoking relieves stress is a myth." In addition, rather than helping smokers, the nicotine actually increases levels of anxiety and tension. Dr. Parrot examined more than 30 international studies into smoking. He said that "most smokers mistakenly claim cigarettes are helping to relieve stress." I think that smoking is a danger to smokers and second hand smokers alike. However, the chemicals that make up cigarettes are very addictive which makes it hard for smokers to stop.
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