Pronoun City

Lexi Johnson

Subjective case pronouns

Lee eats pies.

He eats pies.

I ate pies.

They ate pies.

Objective case pronouns

Please send him immediately.

Please send is letter immediately.


Possessive pronouns

The house is theirs and its paint is flaking.

The money was really theirs for the taking.

We shall finally have what is rightfully ours.

Compound personal pronouns

I cut myself while slicing peppers.

I cut myself while tying my hockey skates.


The weather is great today, let's make the most of it by going to the beach.


This was my mothers pig.

That looks like my old pig.

These were my old pigs.

Interrogation pronouns

Where were you last night?

Who were you with?

Numeral pronouns

There were 312 students in college, 46 had part time jobs.

Indefinite pronouns

I had some cookies.

I made a few cookies.