The Beginning Of There Roles

Cotton and Increase Mather our both ministers and authors. They have both preached about the witch trials. And have both wrote about the trials. They are a father and son team they have worked together even preached together. Both of them provided Spectral evidence of the witch trials to local magistrates. As though you will read more into the story learning all about what it was like for Cotton and Increase Mather. They had to show Evidence to be not only true but not looking like they our crazy or psycho they wanted people to know that they were doing the best for the community.


They were both observant people but when Cotton was a witch hunter they had called it his DARK REPUTATION. They both had put fear in people because they had known more about the invisible world they would preach and write about the invisible world. The way everyone thought was he is protecting us from the witchcraft but really he was killing innocent people but he did change his ways and became a minister and an author even though those jobs our rough.