The Society Project

By Emma Lowery

The Medical Sector of My Dystopian Society

The Definition of legaly human in the year of 2083 is one of the main topics argued by politicians, scientist and doctors. But in the country if Ilayiz the topic is certian. I fyou are more than 50% Bio-gel, you are no longer legally human because you are more Bio-gel than human. I know the parliment thinks that this is harsh but studies show that people with 49% and less of their original human bodies left start to exhibit unusual characteristics. They show increased eyesight, endurence, they tend to age slowly, and most of them show distinct anti-socialism.

In other countries Bio-gel is an undecided topic, in America, for example, as long as 10% of your brain is left you are perfectly legal. The person in this picture here was given a procedure and is now 65% Bio-gel, he exhibits extreme anti-social behavior and eccentric behavior. In America they have created special bio-gel that ages with the human body but it is extremely expensive. Before America came up with this kind of bio-gel the patients were showing signs of slowed down aging and a deffinent show of an increased life span, some patients living up to 160 years old.

The IMSP, or the Ilayiz Medical and Scientific Police, keep the Doctors and Scientist of our country in line(because we cant stand the Spanish Humanity Scandal effecting our country. Every time a doctor or a scientist does a test for scientific and medical discovery, the human test subjects are completely voluntarily, we do not pressure people to volunteer and we compansate them well even before the test. Before any test are run the doctor and/or scientist must prove that the test about to be run is 100% un-lethal to humans, even in the early stages of testing. Every that is donated or created for the science and medical divisions must be used. We do not let anyhting go to waste and if their is anything useable left over the doctors and scientist must find away to use this precious resource. This precious child shown below has been born with a mutation after his mother was forced to participate in scientific research in the chechyen region in Russia. In America there is an equivilent to the IMSP, the FSEB. Who like us police medical laws and make sure no one is doing anyhting illegal in the world of American medicine. But unlike us they are arife with corupption and under the table deals, Which affects the patienst needing resticted medicine. In fact a girl named Allys lost all of her external limbs because of FSEB double dealing, and her parents were forced to break the law and take a bio-gel procedure that made her 78% bio-gel.

The consequences of breaking the medical law is beyond the comprhension of some. But they must know we are not playing around and that we dont play favorites. Even if your the president, an ambassador or even a homeless person. But we are not heartless. If a patient comes into the E.R with 3rd degree burns covering 60% of the body, severe head trauma, amputations, and extreme blood loss, we will do everything in our power to save the patient. But we will not, cannot go over replaing the patients damaged body with more than 50% bio-gel.

The consequenes are the same for everyone. If its 10% or less, a 500,000$ fine, 5 years at a maximun security prison and the removel of the extra 10%. 11-20% a 750,000$ fine 10 years maximun security prison and the removel of the extra bio-gel. 71-80% is a 1 million dollars in fines, 15+ years in maximun prison and the removel of all bio-gel. 80-90% is 50+ years in a maximum security prison, a 2 million dollar fine the removel of the extra 40% of bio-gel and one dose of vertigo( a drug that induces pain-filled hallucinations, one dose is a 48 hour period. And 90-100% is the immedient removal of the bio-gel person, a life sentence, death row, a 10,000,000$ fine and 50 doses of vertigo over a 1 year period. In America there is this company called "Fox Pharmacies" and they are the inventors of bio-gel. And they founder of the company actually used Bio-gel to save is daughter, she is 90% bio-gel! And it is scientific spectulation that she will live for an upwards of 200 years! Unbeleiveable, The part about 200 years, but I can see why he did it, he did it to save his child and any parent I know wold do anything to save their child.

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Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
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Hilary Clinton Passed away at age 83, after a realapse in the blood clot, since bio-gel had been so mistreated the surgery that could've saved her was illegal
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