Lyme Disease !

Human Disease

The Nature Of The Disease.

  • Lyme Disease is an bacteria infection spreaded throughout the body caused by a bite from a black legged tick.
  • These Black legged ticks pick up the bacteria when they bite a mice or deer that are infected with Lyme.
  • The Risk Of Catching Lyme Disease are Outside Activities such as :
  1. Gardening
  2. Hiking
  3. Hunting
  4. Having a pet that carries the tick
  • Lyme Disease was found in 1975 in united states in the town of Old Lyme , Connecticut.
  • In order for the Lyme Disease spread , it must be attacked to the body for 26-36 Hours.

Symptoms Of Lyme Disease.

  • There are three stages to the Lyme Disease!
  • Stage 1 ( After bite symptoms begin to affect in days or weeks )
  1. chills
  2. fever
  3. general ill feeling
  4. headaches
  5. muscle pains
  6. stiff neck
  7. fainting
  8. body wide itching
  • Stage 2 ( may occur weeks to months )
  1. Weakness in muscles of the face
  2. Muscle pain and pain or swelling in the knees and other large joints.
  3. heart problems
  • Stage 3 ( occurs months to years )
  1. Muscle weakness
  2. Speech problems
  3. Numbness and tingling
  4. Abnormal muscle movement.
  • These Symptoms attempt to come and go.