The Points of Pride

January 18, 2019

Instructional Focus:

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it's a great time to start buckling down and being intentional with what we want students to know by the end of the year. There is NO WAY that we will get to teach everything.

During a recent training with Wendy Peterson, she introduced me to the writing response strategy CSET (see handout below for more information). This strategy shows students how to construct a well-organized paragraph using evidence.

As we are really focusing on reading and math, it's easy to forget about writing, but this construct can be applied to almost any piece of non-narrative writing. Wendy recommends that students in grades 3-6 write a CSET paragraph at least two times a day. If you look at the information, it would be very easy to apply this approach across the curriculum. It could be used for a warm up, or an exit ticket. Grades K-2, how can this apply to you? Could you have the kids start talking through things using this model? Could you use a sentence or paragraph stem to start them thinking in this manner?

Overall, I feel that it's going to be absolutely critical to provide our students with daily practice using this strategy as testing comes into focus and it could very well help our "bubble kids" rise on our standardized tests.

Upcoming Events:

  • 1/21: No School-MLK Day
  • 1/23: 2:15 Release-Site PD from 2:30-3:45; 6th grade Data Dig @ 8:00
  • 1/25: Faculty Meeting @ 7:30; 5th grade Data Dig @ 9:30; 3rd grade Data Dig @ 2:40
  • 1/28: 1st grade Data Dig @ 10:05; 2nd grade Data Dig @ 1:50; Talent Show Try Outs @ 3:30
  • 1/30: 2:15 Release-PLC: Data Team sheet due; 4th grade Data Dig @ 2:30
  • 2/1: 5th grade blanket ALP Testing (switch 5th and 6th grade specials); K-2 Social Skills assembly @ 1:30; 3-6 Social Skills assembly @ 2:00
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