Demetria Lovato

By: Devan

Early Childhood

Demi Lovato was born August 20th 1992 in New Mexico. Her parents are Dianna Hart and Patrick Lovato. She grew up with one older sibling and one younger one Madison and Dallas. She is Mexican and Italian. Height is 5'3'. Demi Mainly grew up in Texas and Mexico. Growing up demi was inspired by her brother Dallas.

Demi's Education

Demi lovato went to Glen hope Elementary in Texas. She had also went to Cross Timbers middle school also in Texas. Through out her life in school she was bullied because of her looks her weight and because she war glasses. Around High school Demi was homed schooled because she was bullied so much.

Some of Demetria's Favorite things.

Before she became a big singer and songwriter and trouble's she went through

Barney and friends

Before Demi lovato was a big songwriter and singer she actually had a part on a show called Barney and friends she also was up there with Selena Gomez a former friend. In the picture Demi is in the white pants with the glasses.

Trouble's Demi went through.

In 2011 Demi lovato was told she had a eating disorder. Going along with she also has self harm issue. before it effected her today she remembers looking at her self in the mirror thinking that she was fat. And after that day and on she kept thinking about her weight. And eventually she stopped eating to lose the weight. Then her doctor told her she had a eating disorder. Growing up Demi lovato had emotional issue's. To help with demi's problems she went to rehab. But today she has now dealed with the issue's
Demi Lovato - About Bullying

Today in Life

Just last year Demi was voted best pop artist in 2012 at the kids choice awards. Today Demi Lovato is back on track with her latest single Heart Attack. A few mouths before her new song came out Demi was having trouble and went to rehab. Now that she is done with that she will still be on her latest show X factor airing May 14 2013 or later. Now that Demi lovato is back on her feet we don't know what's going to happened . And Demi lovato has started being a anti bullying speaker. So see goes to other schools talking about bullying.


  • Everyone has the bully or mean girl or ex-boyfriend who tried to bring you down.

  • No matter what your'e going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel it may seem hard to get to but just keep working.

  • The last one is I learned that you go through things you deal with them and that's what makes you a happy person.