Constantine the Great


Rise to Power

Constantine made an alliance with maximian, marrying his daughter Fausta. When Maximian in dispute with his son , fled to Constantine , then he sheltered him until Maximian, in an attempt to regain the throne. He undertook a revolt against Constantine's rule in Gaul. Unsuccessfully against Constantine , Maximian was forced to commit suicide.
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Major Achievements While in Power

He built New Rome. Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to eventually convert to Christianity.

Fall From Power or Death

Constantine dealt with threats both at home and abroad. Constantine tried to pass leadership onto his of his 3 living sons along with 2 of his nephews. Constantine died on the Feast of Pentecost, May 22, A.D. 337, in the city of Nicomedimus in Asia Minor. He was baptized just before his death and laid rest in the church or the Holy Apostles which he had built in Constantinople.

lasting influencs

He became famous because he was the first Chrisian emperor or Rome.
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