Wildcat Weekly

Week of September 4- NO SCHOOL MONDAY

THE BIG 4: Targets for 2017-2018

  • Instructional Technology- The ITLT team will meet twice a month during second period in C109. We have also been selected by the district to receive extra resources and support for instructional initiatives. We are excited to learn more in the near future!!

  • Personalized Learning - slated as a 1:1 school in 2018- Second semester, we will begin reviewing Power Up

  • Progress Monitoring- 1. All teachers must have an assessment to measure beginning of the year, mid-year, and end-of-the year progress in all courses. EOC teachers will receive direct training regarding the use of MasteryConnect which will be given during specific testing windows. 2. Begin monitoring Connections students (attendance and grades).

  • Making Connections- Wildcat Connections survey results are being tallied for lessons in the future. Thank you for having your students provide feedback. Continue to get to know your kids.


Wildcat Connections Session on Wednesday, September 6

Connections Plan

Share with Junior and Senior Connections Classes: College Day Field Trip forms are available in guidance Sept. 5 and must be completed and returned by Sept. 14 to

participate in the trip.

Junior Class Ring Meeting- Junior Connections teachers will take attendance and escort classes to the auditorium for their meeting with Herff Jones.

9th, 10th and 12th will follow the lesson:

Connections Check-List


12-Month Landscape Calendar- For use with Connections

Important Dates This Week:

  • September 5- Bucket Session- Mandatory meeting during planning in C109. There is no session 5th period.
  • September 6- Department Chair Meeting in Room C109 at 7:45
  • September 6- Senior IGP Meeting Invitations Go Out Through 1st Period- If a student is not in your class on Sept 6, SAVE THE LETTER AND GIVE IT TO THEM WHEN YOU SEE THEM NEXT
  • September 6- Wildcat Connections Day----Junior Class Ring Meeting During Connections in the Auditorium
  • September 6- Operations Meeting 4:00 in the MC
  • September 8- ITLT 2nd Period
  • September 8- Full Lockdown 3rd

Coming Soon:

September 12- SIGNING DAY for ESOL and 504s in Mrs. Justice's Outer Office(Come during Planning)

September 13- Junior Ring Orders in the Commons 4:00-6:00 PM

September 14- Junior Ring Orders during all three lunches

September 14- Deadline for Seniors to Turn in College Fair Permission Forms to Guidance

September 15- Hawaiian Day

September 15- DLC during Planning in C109


Woodmont High School


Woodmont International Baccalaureate High School is a comprehensive high school which strives to promote a climate of respect, knowledge, and caring while creating active, productive, lifelong learners who understand the multicultural world in which we live.


"Woodmont High is committed to providing educational experiences that prepare its students to be productive citizens of the 21st Century. Our school motto-Scientia est Potentia (Knowledge is Power)-serves as a constant reminder of our mission to prepare students for the challenges of adulthood."