Hero Project

Timothy S.

Who is Chris Sciortino?

Chris Sciortino is a hard working person in the world, caring husband to my other, a NCAA champion, and an amazing dad to my brother and I. All his life, he has been the person to help me with math homework or help me hit threes like Steph Curry. With my father working so hard and making sure I had the best opportunities possible to succeed, I felt that I should give him the amazing honor of being my personal hero.

What is a hero?

According to Dictionary.com a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Based on this definition, many people would think of Spider-Man or Batman as a hero because of the brave deeds that they have done many notable qualities that they have. Also according to National Geographic, some researchers have found that if you do good things for others you may live longer. But in reality, a hero is much more than that, a hero is a person that never gives up, and helps people do the best they can.

A hero is a person who even in the worst situations, never gives up. Consider this, a basketball team is down by an insurmountable lead. Feel that feeling of doing bad at something or being absolutely destroyed in a sport. The feeling that many people feel during this time is frustration. When you look through that team of demoralized players, the hero would be the person still playing defense like it’s a tie game in the last thirty seconds or is going for every single fifty-fifty ball. Despite the situation that he or she is in, they never back down. You’re not born a hero or can achieve being a hero in a short amount of time. You have to be determined and ready to face any challenge. It takes years to become a hero, it's not an feat to achieve.

Although being persistent is a common theme in heroes, helping people do the best they can is just as important a perseverance. One example of a person helping someone else achieve a goal is a sports coach. Think about this, a team is preparing for a game against the best team in the league. The players are working hard, working out and practicing their skills. It may seem like a coach is not doing that much to prepare, but they are the ones putting the extra hours of film everyday. Coaches sacrifice their time to prepare for a game. As I've said previously, Coaches will look at film to make sure their executing their game plan correctly. Coaches will also scout the other team to learn how to take advantages of some of their weaknesses. This will help the players understand a better chance of winning the game. All in all, sports coaches demonstrate a trait of a hero because of their pursuit to help others achieve great goals

The traits of persistence and helping others achieve their goals is a big part of becoming someone's personal hero. These are not the only traits that make a hero, there are many more than play a large role in a hero’s life style. To me my dad is the one who fits this criteria. That is why to me he is my personal hero. Think to all of the people you know. Who do you think is your personal hero?


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I chose my topic, how to make a good job résumé, because of my personal hero, my dad. My father has always been working very hard and travels a lot for his job. Easily, I can understand that my father had to make a very good job résumé to get the job he has. I have always wondered how and what contents went into a good job résumé, but the only time I have ever had an experience with a job résumé was in a TV show when people lie on their résumé to get a job. Knowing that I am becoming close to the age where I can begin to work, I wanted to know what I have to do to get the best job possible. Also, this is a very important skill in life to teach your own kids how to better succeed in life.

Hero Haiku

Caring, Supportive

My hero and my father

Helping me through life

My Father and Bo Jackson

January 13, 1991. Los Angeles, California. Second and ten. The Raiders have the ball. The ball is snapped and given to Bo Jackson out of the backfield. He turns up field and heads to the right side of the field. He gets past a few defenders and then shakes a hit. Right as he is about to break what should be a short run into a long run, Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Kevin Walker tackles him from behind. Bo falls. It looks like a regular tackle from every angle, but from Bo’s perspective he just felt his hip pop out of the socket and right back into it. As the play unfolds, Bo attempts to get up but then returns to the ground. The trainers jog onto the field and help him limp off, not knowing how severe his injury really was. In coming times, Bo would then experience the hardest time of his life. Bo Jackson is an untouchable hero because of his persistence and how he looked toward others for guidance.

Bo Jackson is an excellent example of an untouchable hero because of the amount of perseverance he showed during the hardest times in his life. After Bo Jackson's football career ending hip injury, he was stuck in crutches for weeks and felt extreme pain from his hip. At points he was even unable to tie his shoes. When he was finally able to participate in athletic activities, Bo was never more determined. He had a rehabilitation program that that consisted of 10,000 push-ups and 15,000 sit-ups, with 35,000 exercises that required him to use his artificial hip over the span of five months (Weaver). Bo Jackson after his injury could have easily quit, never returned to sports, and lived an average upper class citizen’s life. This was clearly not in option in his mind. When he got knocked down, as soon as he could get back up he got up running and working harder than ever before. Any other person in this situation would have quit, but Bo was not many people. He worked hard until he was back into his top physical condition before like he was before he was injured.

Bo Jackson is an untouchable hero also because of his ability to look to others for guidance. When Bo Jackson was at the end of his contract in baseball, he had a hard decision to make to either continue to play baseball or to end his career. Bo Jackson’s 6 year old son influenced his decision to stop playing. Bo said that his son, "asked his mother why his daddy wasn't home to play with him. He wanted to know if I had some other family I went to when I was away. And then he started crying" (Bo Jackson quits). A personal hero, Chris Sciortino also demonstrates this trait. He says how he got a lot of his advice from his soccer coaches and that they helped him determine difficult choices in his life. He has told many people that they should, when they are in need of help to get it. Thus, Chris Sciortino and Bo Jackson are alike in a way that people are classified to be a hero.

Many people have leaned a lot from both heros. Chris Sciortino has taught many people to look toward others that they trust and ask for advice. Bo Jackson has taught people to never give up even in the worst circumstances and that life can always get better. Both of these heroes have changed people's lives forever and set people on the right path to success.