Infographics Made Easy


Infographics are a visual way to represent information and communicate that information quickly and clearly. This would be a great way to give a report on a topic that emphasizes the facts or the parts of the story. Below is an infographic fromhttp://www.coolinfographics.com/blog/2012/9/11/what-is-an-infographic-explained-with-legos.html that uses legos to visually show the power of an infographic.

Piktochart - http://piktochart.com/ - allows users to create basic infographics from a sample of 6 different free templates. More are available with a subscription, but the free ones are more than enough options for most people. Once you have chosen a theme the user can change the color scheme as well delete pre-exisitng graphics on the template. You can also add graphics, icons, shapes and text.

When working with infographics, the trick is to have the information gathered and well organized before beginning. Finished graphics can be downloaded as an image file (.png).

The website does allow the use of gmail +1 accounts for student logins. (See your ITS for more information about this option).

Video Tutorial on Piktocharts

How to create an Infographic (in 2.5 minutes) - by Piktochart

Sample Infographics

These are some sample infographics on education topics found online to show how an infographic can convey information.