Week of october 26, 2015


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Transition Catch Up Week (10th Grade)

This week is a catch up week for Transition (10th graders), my 11th graders please contact your Transition teacher about what you are working on this week. Use this time wisely! Make sure you contact me or Mrs. Kulp-Woodruff if you have any questions!

Virtual Lessons!

Reading and Writing Lessons are today! 10am and 12pm! The material covered will also be posted in my course. Make sure you are checking it!

Where are the virtual lessons?

Virtual lessons will take place in my zoom room (the link is below).

IEP Meeting

I have an IEP meeting today at 11am. I will be unavailable for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Marking Period 1

Marking Period 1 is coming to a close very soon! The end of the marking period is November 3rd!

Quarterly Assessments are this week!

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Reminder! I have a weekly meeting at 8am and will be unavailable at that time. I will respond to any messages as soon as my meeting concludes.
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Progress Monitoring

Today is a progress monitoring day, make sure you are checking your Moodle Messages for reminders of when you are supposed to meet with me.
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I am in meetings from 9-12pm, if you need to reach me during that time please send an email or Moodle Message.
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I have office hours every Friday from 9:15-11:00am. If you need to meet send me a Moodle Message and I will open the Zoom room for us to meet.

End of Marking Period 1

REMINDER: Marking Period 1 ends November 3rd!

Happy Halloween!

Have a happy and safe Halloween tomorrow! I will see everyone in November! :)
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