Week of October 12, 2015

In room 31


Unit 1 Week 6

Review and Assessment Week


practice, favorite, wrinkled, settled, cuddle, patient

cultures, deaf, signing, relatives, language, celebrate

ancestors, heritage, reclaim, native, local, traditions

share, thinning, wonderful, company, delighted, enjoyed

groan, whisper, excited, different, careful


Combining sentences.



Commands and Exclamations

Statements and Questions


short vowels a, i, e, o, u

long vowels with the silent e

Reading Strategy and Skill

Strategy: Summarize, Analyze Story Structure
Skill: Main Idea and Details, Character and Setting, Plot, Make and Confirm Predictions

High-frequency words

blue, even, study

America, world, country

move, another, year

because, off, picture

Enlgish, language, understand


Assessing sums and differences to 100

We have introduced several strategies for adding and subtracting numbers. Some of these include counting on, counting back, drawing tens and ones, and breaking numbers apart to make the nearest ten.

Some of these strategies "fit your child's brain" right now, and some may not. We will continue using and expanding on these strategies for the rest of the year. At this point just let your child explore these strategies with you at home.

They are allowed to use which ever strategy they would like in order to complete their homework assignments. And they may even decide to try a new strategy in order to "exercise their brain muscles"! Don't take the math homework too seriously. The most important thing is that they show what strategy they use. It is better that they do one problem and show how they arrived to the answer than completing 20 problems without explaining their thinking.

We will be giving the Unit 1 Math assessment this week and I look forward to sharing it with you at our conferences next month :)


We finished learning about Excellent Endings last week. Now our students writing workshop notebooks are complete with all the tools they need to be great writers! We will switch our focus this week to using all the traits of good writing and applying them to Narrative Writing.

Social Studies

The Land Around Us



For math this week please log in to Comopass Learning. There are some special instruction on the homework pg. Please see the link below and follow the directions.

Here is the homework page link http://sbsd.schoolwires.net/Page/1870

Upcoming Events

Gold Medal Reading has begun!

Please click on the link to sign up for your account and start logging books.


If your computer is remembering the old website from last year it may not work. So you need to remove the "cookie" for that website.

This option is under Safari(or other browser of choice)/Preferences/Privacy/Details- then scroll down to gold medal reading and remove.

Davanti Enoteca Family Dinner Night Fundraiser-October 27th.

Red Ribbon Week October 26-30

Monday- Pledge Day

Tuesday- Walk or bike to school

Wednesday-Wear Red

Thursday- Bring a heart healthy snack

Friday- Nutrition Assembly

Halloween Parade October 30, @ 8:30 am