Non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust

By: Marlon Paz

11 million people killed during the Holocaust

In the year of 1933, of the 11 million people killed during the Holocaust, six million were Polish citizens. Therefore not only did Jewish people died during the holocaust, but other as well. Three million were Polish Jews and another three million were Polish Christians. Most of the remaining victims were from other countries including Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France and even Germany. Not only these people, but the handicaps as well. Unfortunately the Nazi thought it was a waste of time and money to support the handicaps. Also, they thought that the disables were useless so they killed them as well as the others. Therefore they wouldn't waste money on them.

Why did Hitler kill all of these people

Hitler had a vision of a Master Race of Aryans that would control Europe. He used very powerful propaganda techniques to convince not only the German people, but countless others, that if they eliminated the people who stood in their way and the degenerates and racially inferior, they - the great Germans would prosper. Hitler’s first target was Germany’s closest neighbor to the east, Poland. An agricultural country with little military power. Even more so Hitler also wanted to kill all the children who were born of African decedents, because he thought of them as a "insult" of the German Nation.
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Priests and Pastors Died for Their Beliefs

Hitler wanted not only to conquer all of Europe, but Hitler also wanted to create a new religion and to replace Jesus Christ as a person to be worshiped. Hitler expected his followers to worship the Nazi ideology. Since Catholic priests and Christian pastors were often influential leaders in their community, they were sought out by the Nazis very early. Thousands of Catholic priests and Christian pastors were forced into concentration camps. A special barracks was set up at Dachau, the camp near Munich, Germany, for clergymen. A few survived; some were executed, but most were allowed to die slowly of starvation or disease.

Courageous resisters

Every European nation had its courageous resisters. Poland’s Underground army - made up of children, teenagers, men and women - was responsible for defending the lives of thousands of its Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. Many were killed for their acts of courage against the Nazis.Even though most German citizens were supportive of Hitler’s plan to control Europe, there were German citizens who died because they refused to go along with Hitler’s plan.
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Pink Triangles for Homosexuals

Hitler plans to make a great and master race. Unfortunately his plan doesn't have room for homosexuals. Many males from all nations, including Germany, were persecuted, tortured and executed. The homosexual inmates were forced to wear pink triangles on their clothes so they could be easily recognized and further abashed inside the camps. Around 5,000 to 15,000 homosexual had died in concentration camps.