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April 27, 2021

From the Desk of Mrs. Ippolito

We hope everyone enjoyed their April vacation break and is ready to go for the remainder of the school year. It is hard to believe that we are in the last week of April.

All my best,

Mrs. Ippolito

Joshua Eaton PTO NEWS

National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7!

Families, thank you for your overwhelming support of our upcoming Appreciation Week! We are looking forward to showering our amazing teachers and staff with appreciation, and the PTO has a lot of fun things planned. For those who have signed up to donate packaged snacks/beverages or gift cards (for reference, here is the Sign-Up Genius:, please drop them off between April 29-May 2 in a bin outside at 16 CURTIS STREET. Thank you so much! Questions? Call/Text Meredith Yoder: 703-795-4536.

Open PTO Positions for the 2021-2022 School Year:

It's that time of year when we begin to look at the PTO positions that are open for the next school year! Joining the PTO is a wonderful way to build connections with our school community and contribute. Below are the roles that we will need help filling for next school year:

  • President
  • Vice President - responsible for filling in during an absence of the President; also books reservations for upcoming PTO events.
  • Enrichment Coordinator- oversees booking for grade level field trips and enrichment experiences, as well as all school assemblies.
  • Volunteer Coordinator - responsible for coordinating volunteers to run all PTO events.
  • Social Coordinator - coordinates social events for the PTO (including the Ice Cream Social and Halloween Howl).
  • Community Service - coordinates our Halloween candy drive and other similar events.
  • School Resources/Teacher Appreciation - responsible for coordinating staff appreciation week; also coordinates the occasional snack cart or other gifts to staff.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please let us know by May 30th. All positions can be served with a second person and outgoing members can meet with new members to coordinate a transition to set everyone up for success. Please email Amber Hunt at with any questions or if you are interested.

Upcoming All School Enrichment Activities:

We are excited to share with all of you the upcoming all-school enrichment activities we have planned for the remainder of the year!

Story Pirates, April 30:

Watch as the Story Pirates take ideas from our students and incorporate them on the spot into a live interactive show. Every performance is a one-of-a-kind experience that validates the imagination of every child in the audience while teaching them the building blocks of storytelling and character creation.

Matt Wilhem, BMX rider and bullying prevention motivational speaker, May 21:

Matt Wilhem is a professional BMX rider who will have students fully engaged with his clever mix of award-winning BMX tricks and character-building messages. This show will empower your kids to overcome any challenge they face.

Sarah Lynne Reul, Author visit, June 4 & 11:

Sarah Lynne Reul is an author, illustrator and animator. She wrote and illustrated The Breaking News , Allie All Along, and NERP! We are excited to have her back at JE to share her latest books and illustrations with the students!

Dance Fit Fundraiser Kicks off - May 17th

On May 17th, JE will kick off an exciting Dance Fit program to raise funds in support of our school enrichment activities! This is an all-inclusive, 2-week program where students will watch fun and inspiring, sports-themed character videos, and ultimately participate in an epic dance event on May 26th! Check out this video for a peek at what's ahead: Program Overview video

Please help your student get involved by following these steps:

1. Watch this video to see how you can support our school during the program: HowTo Support Our School

2. Register your student on - it takes just a couple of minutes!

3. Share your donation link with friends & family

This program functions as a fundraiser, but all students will be fully included in the fun, regardless of financial participation. Questions? Please contact Caroline Courtney:

Important Dates

  • May 2021 - See MCAS Dates below
  • May 28th - District PD Day (No School for Students)
  • June 18th - Grade 5 Promotion Ceremony - Car Rally
  • 9:30 - Mrs. Johnston's Class
  • 9:50 - Mr. Derosier's Class
  • 10:10 - Mrs. Donlon's Class
  • June 21st - LAST day of school K - 5


Through the extension of the Seamless Summer Meal program started in response to COVID-19, we are able to offer all Reading Public School Children FREE meals until the end of June.

What this means for your family

- Your school-age children will receive a healthy breakfast (at Coolidge, Parker and RMHS only,) and lunch every school day, at no cost, in a safe and welcoming environment. This applies to students who are attending classes in school.

- Our other option for FREE meals for children, ages 0-21, in your home is meal distribution. This may include remote learners, participating in a hybrid learning mode, or any other children in your home. These meals will provide breakfast and lunch for each day, including weekends, at the bridge of Reading Memorial High School on Wednesdays from 2:30 – 3:30 pm or Friday from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon.

Your family may participate in BOTH options. Students can eat at school and receive Meal Distribution for the remote days and weekend meals that your family is entitled to.

This program allows Reading School District to provide the most nourishing and appetizing meals possible for your children. When your children eat school meals, it helps the school system by providing federal funds to the district. The more meals we serve, the more funding we receive, allowing us to focus on providing wonderful, nutritious meals for your family. If your children have never participated in school meals, consider trying the program this year!

If you have any questions please contact Danielle Collins, School Nutrition Director, at or 781-670-2822

Joshua Eaton News

JE SPirit Week!!! May 3rd - May 7th

Student Council is hosting another Spirit Week the week of May 3rd. Click here for the posters that the Student Council students created!! Feel free to email any photos to Ms. McQuillin ( or Miss Lewis ( for the JE Facebook page! We look forward to seeing all of our JE kids show their spirit!

Monday 5/3- Dress Like Your Teacher
Tuesday 5/4- Tie Dye/Rainbow Day
Wednesday 5/5- Wacky Wednesday
Thursday 5/6- Sports Day
Friday 5/7- JE Pride Day

MCAS Update

Grades 3-5 MCAS 2021: The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is preparing for MCAS administration this spring and therefore I am starting the work to be prepared here.

The testing dates for Joshua Eaton are:

Tuesday, May 11th - Gr 5 ELA

Thursday, May 13th - Grs 3 & 4 ELA


Wednesday, May 19th - Gr 5 Math

Tuesday, May 25th Grs 3 & 4 Math


Thursday, May 27th - Gr 5

DESE has made the adjustment to one session per grade and content area and a shortened testing window. We do not have information yet on how tests will be administered for fully remote students.

Student Absences - IMPORTANT

Please be sure to notify Mrs. Greco or Mrs. Pippy in the office if your child is going to be absent or tardy. They will notify the classroom teacher, nurse, and principal of the absence.

There are two ways to do that prior to 7:45 am of the morning the student is absent:

1. Call 781-942-9161, Dial 1 - leave a message

2. Email

From the Desk of Mrs. Trevejo, School Nurse

Sun Safety

Just a quick reminder that with the warmer weather, it’s important to make sure that your children are protected from the sun. Twenty percent of a person’s lifetime sun exposure occurs before the age of 18. Use sun precautions every day. Even on a cloudy day, up to 40 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds.

Use Sunscreen

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends that all kids — regardless of their skin tone — wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Whatever sunscreen you choose, make sure it's broad-spectrum (protects against both UVA and UVB rays) and, if kids are in or near water, is labeled water-resistant. Apply a generous amount and re-apply often. (15 minutes before exposure and reapply every 2 hours or as indicated by the company)

Cover Up

One of the best ways to protect skin is to cover up. To make sure clothes offer enough protection, put your hand inside garments to make sure you can't see it through them.

Avoid the Strongest Rays of the Day

Try to stay in the shade when the sun is at its strongest (usually from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). If kids are in the sun during this time, apply and reapply sunscreen — even if they're just playing in the backyard. Most sun damage happens from exposure during day-to-day activities, not from being at the beach. Remember that even on cloudy, cool, or overcast days, UV rays reach the earth. This "invisible sun" can cause unexpected sunburn and skin damage.

Double-Check Medicines

Some medicines make skin more sensitive to UV rays. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if any prescription (especially antibiotics and acne medicines) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines your kids take can increase sun sensitivity. If so, take extra sun precautions. The best protection is simply covering up or staying indoors; even sunscreen can't always protect skin from sun sensitivity.

In good health,

Elmy Trevejo, RN MPH

From the Desk of Ms. Cucinotta, PE Teacher

Office of Student Services

Dear Families,

The schools have been busy over the past few weeks prepping for the upcoming change to full - in person learning! We are looking forward to seeing more students in the building! We understand that this shift in the learning model can bring up additional questions about supporting your students and we would be happy to meet with individuals during office hours to discuss any questions or concerns.

Below, please find our office hours for the month of April. Please use the DOODLE Poll link to select a time to meet with us. We continue to enjoy these opportunities to meet with families on an individual basis.

Prior to your scheduled time, a ZOOM link will be sent to you via email. Please be sure to include your email address when you sign up!

If you have any questions regarding Office Hours, please contact Allison Wright, Director of Special Education @

Office Hours for April 2021

  • Tuesday 4/27 @ 2:00-3:00 pm

Link to the Doodle Poll to sign up for Office Hours:

Doodle: Student Services Office Hours - April 2021


Allison Wright

Director of Student Services

Reading Public Schools

Reading, MA 01867


SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council)

All are welcome and ENCOURAGED to attend!

Connect with SEPAC by clicking these links:

The mission of the Reading Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is to work for the understanding of, respect for, and support of, all children with special needs in the community.

Thank you,



Join SEPAC's mailing list

Family Support Resources

Please be reminded of these amazing resources, if your family is in need:

  • RPS Behavioral Health Resources linked here.
  • Town of Reading: compiled resources linked here.
  • RCASA and Mental Health Support linked here.
  • St. Vincent de Paul linked here.
  • Free & Reduced lunch access: sign up here.
  • Reading Food Pantry linked here.
  • Project Bread link here.
  • Residential Financial Assistance (Rent/Mortgage) link here. (New resource! Check it out!)
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Mrs. Ippolito, Principal

Mrs. Trevejo, School Nurse

Mrs. Greco, Administrative Assistant