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Volume 25 Issue 8

Falcon Flyer - Hybrid Reopening

Principal's Nest

Finley Farms Community,

Welcome to the first phase of our reopening of the school for in-person learning set to begin on Tuesday, September 8th with Cohort B students reporting to campus. We are thrilled to launch in-person learning for our students and appreciate your continued partnership as we move to the Hybrid Learning model. Linked at the beginning of our Falcon Flyer is a video message which includes new information for our procedures in place as we welcome students to the Farm.

After viewing the video message, families are encouraged to review and discuss information that directly relates to student expectations and what children will experience when returning to campus. Please continue reading through each section of this Falcon Flyer for pertinent information as we partner together to support our students.


Keegan Bassett


Finley Farms Elementary

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Check out our daily school announcements for school-wide information.

Finley Farms Elementary School Hybrid Schedule

*Labor Day Monday, September 7th --- NO SCHOOL*

*Cohort B reports to campus on Tuesday, September 8th*

*All students participate in online learning off campus on Tuesday, September 9th*

*Cohort A reports to campus on Thursday, September 10th*

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Finley Farms Elementary Supply Lists by Grade Level

Click the button to view suggested grade level supply lists in preparation for in-person learning at Finley Farms. To assist children, tables will be placed in the front of the school to place school supplies on the first day for each cohort.

Daily Student Health Assessment

Before attending each day on campus, you and your student must complete a student health assessment. Please view the assessment here. Students who are sick or feeling any COVID like symptoms can’t be on campus. For more information including health resources and information please visit www.gilbertschools.net/healthservices.
Don't Send Sick Students to School | Gilbert Public Schools District | Gilbert, Arizona

Arrival & Departure Procedures

With the reopening of our building taking place next week, the arrival and departure procedures for the 2020-2021 school year will have a few modifications in order to meet guidelines set forth by Gilbert Public Schools. This year at morning arrival students will report directly to their classroom similar to our routine on rainy days when the playground is closed. The rationale for this decision is to eliminate large group gatherings such as our traditional before school playground when all students arrive and congregate. In accordance with GPS protocols, we also kindly request families remain outside of our playground fencing and building entrances as you drop your child(ren) off for school each day just as you would on a rainy morning when the playground is closed.

We will have staff presence at all entry points and stationed throughout campus to assist students with transitioning into the building and reporting to their classroom. Below you will find information pertaining to arrival and departure procedures. We kindly ask all families to follow the outlined directions to help ensure student safety and steady flow of traffic.

Three Types of Arrival & Departure

  1. Bus - Students riding the bus will be dropped off and picked up at the Bus Lane as indicated on the map below. Staff will be present to assist with the unloading and loading of students before and after school.

  2. Walk/Bike/Parent Parking - Students arriving and departing campus via neighborhood walking/biking OR a family member parking and walking to campus will enter through one of the gate openings as indicated by the 😊 indicators on the map pictured below.

  3. Parent Loop - Students arriving and departing via parent/guardian remaining in the vehicle will utilize the Parent Loop on the south end of campus as indicated on the map below. At arrival students will exit the vehicle with assistance from a staff member and be directed to an open gate to then head towards the building entrance. At departure students will be escorted to the south portion of our field and supervised by staff until it is their turn to be loaded into their vehicle pulling through the Parent Loop.

Please take time to review the maps and further guidance on how our Parent Loop operates.

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😊= Campus entry point

Parent Loop Guidance

  1. The Drop-Off & Pick-Up location will require vehicles to enter on the east end of the loop.

    1. You are strongly encouraged to plan your route to enter the loop as a right hand turn coming from the east on Mesquite St. to assist with smooth traffic flow.

  2. Families will be provided bright yellow signage to indicate student(s) & grade level being picked up to assist.

  3. The loop will operate as two lanes- the right lane (closest to the playground) will be designated for Drop-Off & Pick-Up only while the left outer lane will be designated as thru-traffic only.

  4. Staff members will be present to facilitate loading/unloading students before and after school.

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Healthy & Safety Protocols

Outlined is a list of health and safety protocols and precautions we will be implementing at the Farm.

  • Drinking fountains will be turned off throughout the school. Each student should bring a water bottle with their name on the water bottle. Water bottles can be filled up using our water bottle filling stations or classroom sinks or if in a portable with the bottled water. Cups will also be available for students who forget to bring a water bottle.

  • Students can arrive on campus as early as 7:45am and will proceed directly to their teacher’s classroom or to the multipurpose room if they eat breakfast at school. Staff will be on hand to help students, especially our youngest Falcons as they find their way to the classroom as parents will not be permitted into the school.

  • Parents needing to visit the office or any school area will need to wear a face-covering and adhere to physical distancing in the front office and other areas as much as possible.

  • Lunch schedules have been altered to ensure reduced capacity in the cafeteria.

  • Hand-washing instructions and reminders about wearing masks are posted around campus. Hand sanitizer will also be available in other areas throughout the school including the office. Teachers will have hand sanitizer accessible in each classroom as well as cleaning supplies that may be utilized throughout the day between classes as well as after recess or any other transition times.

  • As always, teachers and staff will review school and classroom routines and procedures. This will include walking in hallways, recognizing personal space, etc.

  • Hallways will have clear markings on where students should be walking.

  • Classroom seating will be forward-facing in rows as much as possible with assigned seating.

Changes on Campus | Gilbert Public Schools District | Gilbert, Arizona
What Families Can Do To Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19 Gilbert Public Schools | Gilbert, Arizona
What Students Can Do to Help | Gilbert Public Schools District | Gilbert, Arizona

Face Coverings

Students in grades 1st-6th must wear a face-covering in the building including classrooms and when moving from one location to another if your child attends an outside campus. Preschool and kindergarten students may wear a face covering at their parents’ discretion. Make sure your child brings a mask each day they are in school. We also suggest each student brings an extra mask in a ziplock bag with their name on it to store at school. Masks are not required while students are eating or engaging in strenuous activities such as PE or recess in which social distancing can occur. We are currently working on school-wide options to assist, but families are also encouraged to provide their student(s) with a mask that is linked to a lanyard or other mechanism to allow students to keep masks with them while on the playground, at PE, or eating. We do recognize some students cannot safely wear a face covering. Refer to the Face Covering Student Exemption Protocol for more information and contact your school’s health office if you would like to discuss further.
How to Wear a Face Covering | Gilbert Public Schools District | Gilbert, Arizona
Free Face Masks

Click the button to order up to five face masks for your household from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Health Office Protocols | Gilbert Public Schools District | Gilbert, Arizona
What Happens When You Get A Call That Your Child is Sick at School | Gilbert Public SD | Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert Public Schools Benchmark Assessments

On June 24, 2020, Governor Ducey issued Executive Order 2020-41. In order for schools and districts to be eligible for the additional funding outlined in the order, all school districts and charters are required to administer benchmarks in English Language Arts and Mathematics to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade within the first six weeks of starting school.

Gilbert Public Schools is meeting this expectation by administering District Benchmarks for English language arts and mathematics in kindergarten through twelfth grade remotely through our district assessment platform. Benchmark administration will conclude on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Students in grades K-3rd are being scheduled for 1:1 reading assessments and students in grades 3rd-6th will access ELA & Math Benchmark assessments through lluminate Student Portal which is listed in students’ Buzz Student Landing Page.

The District Benchmarks are ungraded and will provide teachers with information about students’ strengths as well as areas in need of additional support. While these assessments are not placement tests, we respectfully request that students be permitted to complete the assessments on their own. This will ensure teachers receive evidence that will help guide instruction and support.

Gilbert Public Schools would like to thank our students and their families for their continued resilience during these challenging times. Please feel free to reach out to your student’s teacher with questions regarding these assessments.

Finley Farms PTO Website

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Finley Farms PTO Corner

  1. Papa John's Restaurant Night - Thursday, September 10th all day long.
    1. Order Online or over the phone - delivery or carry out
    3. 70 S. Val Vista Drive (480) 53-7272
      1. Take a picture of your Falcon and their pizza and enter #ffeeatspapajohns to win a class pizza party.
  2. Grandparents Day
    1. Send your picture with your grandparent or a quick video message by Wednesday, September 9th to have your falconeer celebrate their grandparent(s) in a special way!

Finley Farms PTO YouTube Channel

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GPS Transportation

Transportation will be offered to eligible students. To view your student’s route and bus stop information please click here: https://www.gilbertschools.net/bus. There will be enhanced procedures and protocols in place on our school buses. Each bus will have a visible sign reminding students that only students attending M-Th are to get on the bus on Mondays and Thursdays and those students assigned to Tu-F are eligible to get on the bus on Tuesdays and Fridays. In addition, there will be some special education students who will be transported on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and have already been informed by the Special Education Department. Transportation will not be available on Wednesdays during the Hybrid weeks.
School Bus Guidelines | Gilbert Public Schools District | Gilbert, Arizona

Annual Update

It is extremely important that your student's contact information is up-to-date in Infinite Campus to ensure that the district and our school can reach you by email and telephone. If you have not done so already, please log in to the parent portal for Infinite Campus and complete this year's Annual Update.

On-Site Learning Support Update

On-Site Learning will be modified to align with the hybrid instructional model beginning on September 8th and provide students with the ability to be on campus during the days of off-campus instruction. As an example, if your child(ren) is assigned to in person classes on Monday and Thursday, then you will be able to register your child for Onsite Learning Support – Open Lab on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday. Space within the Onsite Learning will be limited and all families will need to register for this specific service. Only the Onsite Learning Support – Open Lab will be available.

Students participating in On-Site Learning will enter and depart the campus through same procedures as all other students. No specialized check-in will take place due to school reopening.


If you are interested in registering for our before and after school VIK program please visit our website for more information and registration details.

Support for Online Learning

Recognizing this is new to all of us, Gilbert Public Schools has developed guides for each area of the online learning platform. Please click the buttons below for explanations and guides to assist your family.
Buzz Needs Google Chrome

Buzz is supported through the Google Chrome browser. Your device will need to have Chrome in order for students to access Buzz.

Family Tech Support

Need help? Click here and the GPS Technology Department will assist.

GPS Statement regarding Student Behavior Expectations during Online Learning

COVID-19 school closures have significantly impacted all our lives. This situation, however, has not altered the Gilbert Public Schools’ desire to provide a quality educational environment for students. It is extremely important that all students remember that, while utilizing online learning opportunities, it is still their responsibility to interact appropriately with teachers and other students at all times. This means that, although we are not physically together, students must follow established teacher online classroom rules, including treating each other with respect. Students are accountable for their own behavior.

If a student is determined to not be following appropriate behavioral expectations as listed in the link below, they are likely to receive consequences. Please be a team player and help us work together through this challenging time!

Parents and guardians, please review the student expectations below with your child.

GPS Food Services

Nutrition Services

Nutrition services will provide free or reduced-price meals to eligible students beginning August 5th. This service will be available at all GPS campuses, between the hours of 8:00am - 10:30am. GPS Global Academy, Gilbert Classical Academy, and Neely Traditional Academy students can access this service at their neighborhood school. See the Food Services Flyer for more information.

You may apply for free or reduced meal benefits for your student(s) by going online to http://www.schoollunchapp.com/ or by filling out the enclosed application and returning it to your child's school cafeteria manager. It is not necessary to fill out a separate application for each child. Please include all household members and information on one application.

Approved applications bring additional dollars to the District in the form of grant money. Dollars that come from the State and Federal Government for prevention programs, parent training and extra help for students with reading and math and other assistance is often based on the number of students that qualify for free and reduced meal benefits.

It is important that all parents who qualify, according the USDA Income Guideline, apply for benefits. The higher our count for student's qualifying for meal benefits, the more dollar's will be generated for student and parent programs within our District. All information provided will be kept confidential.

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The 2019-2020 Yearbooks are available to be picked up in the Front Office during regular school hours.

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