9 elements of Digital Citizenship

Information about the nine elements of Digital Citizenship!

1. Digital Literacy: Digital Literacy is the power to understand, use, and send information using your cognitive and technical skills.

2. Digital Etiquette: Digital Etiquette is the manner of behavior used in electronic devices.

3. Digital law: Digital Law is the responsibility of your actions on an electric device.

4. Digital Rights and Responsibilities: Digital Rights and Responsibilities is the freedom of any electronic devices' use.

5. Digital Commerce: Digital Commerce is trading goods for money or something in an electronic device.

6. Digital Communication: Digital Communication is the skill of communication used on the internet.

7. Digital Health and Wellness: Digital Health and Wellness is the appropriate use of electrictronic devices.

8. Digital Access: Digital Access is the availability to use any electronic device.

9. Digital Security: Digital Security is the protection of your digital information.