Aron Burr

Josiah Plum

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Aron Burr before the revolution

He was born in 1756, he was the son of Aron Burr Sir. He enrolled in the University of New Jersey at the age of 13. He graduated at 16 from the University of New Jersey. He started his military service in 1775. He volunteered during "The March to Quebec". He was credited with trying to pull the body of General Richard Montgomery after he was killed by the invasion.

Aron Burr in the revolution

as a soldier Aron joined Benedict Arnold's men in their expedition to Quebec. By the spring of 1716 Burr had been promoted to Major and was sent to serve under George Washington in New York. After a while he transferred to serve under General Israel Putnam. then He retired in 1779. After he was out of the war he returned to studying law. In 1782 he became a licensed attorney.

Aron Burr after the revolution

Burr married a widow named Theodosia Prevost in 1783. Then gave birth to their only child. The child was named after the mother, And they were a happy family until the mothers' death in 1794. In 1812 his daughter died in a shipwreck. In 1791 Burr got elected for a seat i the senate. He beat Alexander Hamilton's father - in - law. This started a rivalry between the two. After six years he ran again but lost to Hamilton's father - in - law. He blamed Hamilton for his loss. He also ran for president but lost that one too, but became vice president. Nearing the end of his term he ran for governorship of New York. He lost and blamed Hamilton once more. Eager to defend his honor he challenged Hamilton to a duel. It was in the morning of July 11, 1804. It was done when Burr shot Hamilton to death. The public yelled murder but Burr was let off. After laying low for a while he was ale to finish his term as Vice President.

What makes Aron Burr interesting

Aron Burr had run for a seat in the senate and won. He also ran to become President of the United States. He became a major in the army. He pulled a Generals' body to safety when he was killed by an invasion. He participated in a duel and won, plus still he finished his term as Vice President.